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The most fun memory I had with my mom was when i was just 10years old. I lived in Nigeria till i was 14. I was craving yam that day and i know we had no yam at home. We were on our way back home from church. I told my mom i wanted yam for dinner and she said "daughter, i have no money, and no yam, but what i have is a God that answers prayers" As a kid i was just ok? Surprisingly, and i mean with the uttermost shock in all our faces, before getting to the house that night there was a bag filled with at least ten yams waiting for us at the door! I mean that woman has faith! I could not believe it. I just bless God for giving me such a wonderful mother. She's always there when i need her. Just grateful to her for letting me know God at such a young age. 

2 years, 11 months ago on GIVEAWAY: 15 Edun Sling Bags