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Belgium, man, belgium!

(It's well known from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that that word is basically the worst curse word imaginable everywhere in the Galaxy, except for one planet where they don't know what it means...)

4 weeks, 1 day ago on Belgium just banned sexism from the internet


Another advantage to LFTR technology: since it runs at such a high temperature, you can use its process heat directly instead of converting it to electricity first.  One possible use of the process heat would be to drive the Fischer-Tropsch process to convert any convenient carbon source into synthetic petroleum.  (Not new technology; the Germans were doing this in World War II.) You could actually mine coal, extract the thorium from it to power the reactor, and then convert the coal into synthetic petroleum.  Doing that would give you both electrical generation to replace burning the coal, and a replacement for oil production and imports.  You don't have to replace your physical plant of gas-powered vehicles and the like, you reduce carbon emissions (since you're only burning the coal as synthetic oil, not burning both the coal AND the oil), and you can tell the "weird beards" of the Middle East that they can damned well DRINK their oil.  Win-win-win all around.

1 month ago on The thorium solution to climate change