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I am going to see the movie I think I am most excitied about the costumes the designed for Snow white and the Queen they are so HAUTE!

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If I were going to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans I would wear some shorts with a tailored jacket probably a suit in either teal or maybe orange for a pop of color a neutral colored blouse I will add some neutral jelwery like a chunky necklace and earrings with either Gold pumps or some shoes with a flower patern to mach spring and summer flowers. My other option might be a sequin multi colored romper with my favorite pair of strapy black Manolo Blahnik. I love a dark eye pop of color on the lips I would wear my hair up in a summer bun or a side fishtail becasue I like ponytail when its hot July in New Orleans should be hot

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My story is when I was going in to labor with my youngest daughter I insited on waiting to the last minute ( because my husbansd was not home) to go he hospital and my Mom was telling me we cant wait any longer the contractions were 1min apart and she decided I needed to go now she drove 80mph right past the police she attached a party strobe light on top of the car like an ambulance the police followed right to the hospital were she told the police What I had my Sirens on! drove 80mph right past the police she a party

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