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Teams have not left for worse academic conferences?  look in the mirror -Texas A&M and Mizzou.  Mizzou was an act of panic by the SEC.  Bringing an extra 500 tv sets in st louis tha actually watch college ball helps how?


Also, it was clear the mizzou adm did not want to come to the SEC.  So FSu isn'ty the only tail wagging the dog here.


Mizzou was a big 10 reject but the sEc was reduced to taking them last year.  We all know how much better the Omaha TV market is better anyway.


As to Spetman, he was brought in to be former FSU president Wetherell's puppet.  He is a nice guy but has never been taken seriously by anyone in the FSU ADM, boosters, BOT, etc as a legit AD.  Anyone familar with his hire knew he would not be given any authority to negotiate  anything of importance.


Lastly,how much was given the FSU business school (or any other Dept.) b/c FSu plays sports against Duke, UVA and UNC?  Not a dime in 20 years.  The research grants do not rise and fall on conference affiliation or the SEC schools would never get any research money.











2 years, 9 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad