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1. Admin panel sucks (who designed it, a 2 year old?)

2. The constant upsell...really? REALLY!

3. Yes the adds have offended me since 2005

4. Two Words. Bob Parsons (Yes I know he is out as CEO but Adleman has an incredible hole to dig themselves out of).

5. Ok so their customer service center is in the US. Big deal. Its that we want GOOD customer service. Godaddy still doesn't get that. 

6. Holding domains hostage by playing fast and loose with ICANN rules. 

7. Another 2 words. Dead Elephants.

8. And another 2 words. Corporate image. If Adleman was truly serious those ads wouldn't still be running (I saw one this morning with Danica and some other woman painting on a thirds body...really...REALLY). 


I moved my domains during the dead elephant/SOPA time frame to Hover and it was the best move I ever made. Yes call center is probably in Canada (see Adleman...Canada) but they pick up on the first ring, I have never been placed on hold and they aren't dancing in skimpy outfits or killing elephants.

2 years, 10 months ago on No More Breasts, Elephants, or SOPA: How Warren Adelman Is Saving Go Daddy’s Soul