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John, Great article by the way. It was well written as always.

and John,  PearHorn is correct. A&M leaving the BigXII  is more destabilizing to college football than Nebraska or Colorado. It is more destabilizing because it directly hurt Texas's ego.  And Texas's ego is what is causing all this. PearHorn has done a great job reciting their talking points.

 So maybe he could also review the demise of the SWC, and Texas attempts at joining the Big10, Pac10, and ACC? I am guessing those were A&M's fault also.  

Funny stuff. PearHorn's revisionists comments are an indication of why four teams chose to leave the 2nd strongest conference in college football. and I would not want to play poker with Deloss Dodd's. He is good.  


2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad