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 @Tomn I don't  think you understand how the game is played Tom. MU represents a significant TV footprint. does not matter who actually view it or not. However having live in the KC area, for a few years I can assure you that there are plenty of Mizzou fans.

Still it's not about that, when you add a state footprint you add a huge source of revenue. If FSU was the only school in Florida and thus represented a virgin footprint the SEC would of surely picked FSU over Mizzou and that would be an absolute no brainer! Mizzou is not a perfect fit by any means, while A&M is, but still they are still a legit BCS D-1 school in athletics, size and are good academically. They are much better fit then WVU!

2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad


 @AllTideUp Well Haggard is just worked up and I understand it.


As far as paragraph breaks go, I'm just hitting the enter button.

2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad


Oh, let's just shoot down this Gerbels type propaganda that the Aggies are the one that sought to destroy the Big XII.


Here is cut from the Texags Rivlalries board.


First of all, note the date .... 6 months before the June 2010 Big XII meetings meltdown when Nebraska hauled ass, 6 months before any talk of A&M to the SEC began, and 18 months before A&M to SEC rumors were re-ignited. These quotes from LonghornLawyer on Frank The Tank's Big 10 blog, in response to speculation of Texas joining the Big 10 Conference.....and leaving A&M out in the cold.....way before any of the original Pac 10 / SEC / talk even began:


Longhorn Lawyer"

quote:Texas’ nightmare scenario is having A&M join the SEC.


quote:If A&M were to join the SEC, it would give A&M a real recruiting advantage that it doesn’t presently have. Worse, it would open the Texas recruiting pool to teams like LSU and Alabama and reopen it to Arkansas.


quote:Texas requires Aggie weakness to prosper. A strong A&M in the SEC is a recipe for Longhorn mediocrity. And that wouldn’t benefit either Texas or the Big 10.


quote:And the fact is that I think a Big 12 without Texas would be so weakened that an SEC invitation to A&M would be forthcoming, and would probably be very attractive to A&M. And that’s something we just can’t have.


"And there you have it. A prescient observation by one of their own, a rational thinker ahead of his time. Of course, when you **** up and have to throw rationality out the window, you must replace it with Chip Brown, Ray Perryman, Morgantown, and buzzwords like "upgrade"."

2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad


 @AllTideUp As I said before, Haggard is not stupid. He is using the Big XII like the old rusty crow bar it is, for leverage. The Big XII led by tu is kind of like Hugh Hefner, there in the market to increase their harem! Still, there is absolutely no reason for FSU to not pull this ploy. FSU is in a very similar situation to OU. OU would of jumped the first legitimate train that was leaving the Bevo X that stopped at it's station. None did! They are saddled with Okie Lite and when one looks at the reality of OU they discover they bring almost nothing to the table that is their own. They don't bring TV sets and they produce about 5 D-1 quality players a year. They are parasitical they have lived off the state of Texas. I and many others call them the University of Texas at Oklahoma, the best team money can buy!

Anyway, OU would of gone PAC or SEC if the train stopped, It did not, so they are stuck there and are making the best of  a bad situation. So really the only thing they can do is to continue to beat the hell out of tu in the RRS, because Stoops is vastly superior coach to Mack!  If you follow OU you will see that they began to broaden out their recruiting efforts to be more national, like Nebraska, and especially in the West Coast, because they thought that's where they were going to be and it is dangerous to have you entire life line from one state if you are going to leave that conference. A&M going to the SEC hurts OU and OSU recruiting in Texas the most.


The point is that FSU is surrounded and trapped in a conference, the ACC, that is dominated by the haughty Basketball Coalition out of NC, they got worked by ESPN pretty badly. They are a better conference then the BIG XII across the board, but got less! Go figure.  They are in a bad situation,  it's like the old Sesame Street song. "One of these things doesn't belong!" MIami nuking itself on a consistent basis does not help them or the ACC football powers. VT, the other football power besides Clemson, another land grant school with a history and passionate fan base,  can just wait around and watch the fire works knowing it has a safe place to land, the SEC. One of the Carolina schools at least also can have a home. Clemson is in a better situation then FSU simply because of their location, but not much better. Basically their are three football based schools stuck in the south east, FSU, Clemson and Miami and none of them are going to get invites into the SEC. Which is what FSU is try to use this Big XII ploy to lever. So they are using what leverage they have, the old fart Hugh Hefner flashing his bucks and fancy mansion and a one time spread as playmate of the month! LOL


So bottom line FSU is trying to do two things here.


1. Get an SEC invite, ain't happening!


2. Get a better deal from either the ACC or ESPN. 


3. If neither of these happen they then may take the last desperate act available to them. Sell them selves to Hugh and go for the Big XII, but as I said before that is going to be a real mess. The ACC is not going to lie idly back and the issue of TI is very very real here, who initiated this the Big XII or FSU? The exit fees are also quite large!The Big XII already had to come up with some pretty good scratch to get WVU in the fold, that will be chicken feed in comparison to what it will cost to get FSU and I can assure you FSU will have to sell its self and join the Bevo harem with the old Hugh like Dodds! It may be the pretties concubine of the lot and I am sure Hugh (Dodd's) is casting his lustfull eye that way, but they will still be  a concubine none the less!


Be careful what you wish for! This is coming from one who knows tu up close and personal for a long long time!


Bottom line here, Haggard is peeing into the wind here but in reality, other then getting some of it blown back at you, it is totally worth the effort. If I was FSU I would be doing the same thing. To sit back and just wither and die is not the best option.  However, I would never join the Big XII that would be like sleeping with Hugh Hefner!

2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad


 @PearHorn  @SECede You be mad! LOL


Preseason polls don' t mean jack, especially with guys like Chip Brown and Ketch betting the drum.


I do not hate UT, I do hate Machiavellian arrogant and greedy liars it just happens to be that UT athletics is being directed by one of those types!

2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad


 @PearHorn Oh that is another thing Dodd's is great at, destroying one of the greatest and longest lasting rivalries in CFB!


And yes it was Dodd's don' t try to Bag Dad Bob that back on to Ags they way you did conference realignment!

2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad


  @SECede Really!? Dodd's is really good at what, spinning and lying. Let me see here.


1. They are now stuck in a conference with Baylor, KU, KSU, ISU, TCU, TX Tech all these schools besides KSU which has the great Bill Snyder, are no better then Conf USA programs. They cannot move now without their fat little harem.


2. They now have a network that virtually no once can see. They are now trying to extort their fan base and other fan bases to force the LHN on to carries by potentially adding another game. I am sorry even the most ardent UT fan does not find Fozzy Whitaker's Animal Safari or 50 reruns of some chick volleyball game worth "notify your local carrier" about. Talking about comedy!!! LOL


3. They have a football schedule that is so bad they were giving tickets away last year or offering unbelievable promos. I got offered tickets to 3 different games last year.Basically we are going to see a lot of seats disguised as fans up at Austin this year.


4. Dodd's has done a great job of reveling the true nature of UT to the whole nation. Your like the ultimate rich has been diva super model! Still a legend in your own mind.


5. They also have the most underachieving football and basketball programs over the last two years in the nation compared to the 'talent' and hype levels.


6. Every school that left clearly stated that UT's influence and control of Beebe and the little fat harem was a major reason for leaving. Even Richard Justive a UT grad and homer, called Dodd's out as greedy, arrogant and self serving! So do most of my UT buds.


Will FSU go to the Big XII, maybe, but it a desperate, desperate move and one that more then likely spell their doom as a significant program.


Yep Dodd's is good really good, Good killing the Golden goose just because he wasn't satisfied being with the elite he wanted to become THE ELITE!  Dodd's is the one that caused all of the reformation. How can little ole insignificant A&M cause such a massive melt down? I mean really were just a bunch of hick red neck farmers that only no about breeding sheep, right!? LOL




2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad


 @PearHorn You also fail to mention that Dodd's offer was anything but equitable. And guess what Byrne turned out to be right. Memorial stadium can hold more folk then can view the LHN! Please spare trying to convince us that UT is this noble otherminded, equally yolked,  team player. They are not and never have been and now the nation knows what NU, CU, A&M and Mizzou have known for a while!

2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad


 @PearHorn Well if Texas had not already been shopping itself around to the Big 10 and then the Pac 10, Nu would of probably never looked to leave. If Texas had not sought to maximize it's own right at the cost of the Big 12, then there was a really good chance that A&M would not have sought to move. The truth is Texas did make a move to join the Pac bringing A&M, Tech and OU and OSU with them. The Aggie had no interest in that, none at all.


So if your going to talk about how A&M's move to the SEC was the big domino that caused all this you would be doing exactly what Texas has become famous for. Lying and spinning!

2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad


There is so much involved here. My guess is that FSU officials aren't as stupid as they appear to be at this time.


1. A real move to the Big 12 is a disaster for FSU, the logistics of it are off the chart. It will virtually destroy FSU. I believe Septman knows that. I mean think about it. The Big 12 is one of the most dysfunctional conferences out there. The only members that are there are ones that either couldn't find a landing place or are attached to some other school. OU would of jumped like a grass hopper if they could of. In reality OU brings nothing to the table that is actually their own.  Small market, little talent! Even then, they couldn't, they are attached to OSU. Secondly when conferences like the SEC look at expansion they look at a number of things. Fan base, new TV markets, academics, overall athletics, and willing to be a team player. Anyone with half a brain knows that the Big 12 is basically run by boss Tweed, UT!  NU, CU, A&M and MU all left for the same reasons. One because of the heavy handed manipulation of the conference by UT  and  constant lying and spining that came out of Austin, (they did seek to go to the PAC 10, leaving Baylor and the North brethren behind to fend for themselves), and secondly BECAUSE THEY COULD find other vialbe options! Every school that could leave the Big 12 DID!


Every single member of the Big 12, outside of TCU and WVU are there because they had no one else to go. In FSU's case you can also add the huge albatross of being geographically isolated. Does FSU really want to enter into that? I think not. NO WAY. It would be good for the Big 12, but a long term disaster for FSU.   So what is FSU really doing here?


2. It's called gamesmanship, they are playing chicken because they are somewhat desperate. It's no different then when a team has a really good coach and when another team cast eyes on him, he attempts to parlay that into a huge contract extension. FSU has nothing to lose by making a lot of noise now and everything to gain. It is no secret that FSU wants to be part of the SEC. It is also understood that there is no way they will gain an invite, with UF, Georgia, USC and A&M forming a coalition to keep them out. I think even BAMA and Georgia will also vote to block. What does FSU add to the conference? Well the only thing they add is a name football team that is fading, with a solid fan base  that is other then that they bring nothing that isn't already represented! I really don't think that FSU going to the Big 12 is going to help them recruit better, in fact it is going to hurt them. The SEC schools are not so concerned about losing recruits to A&M or Mizzou that come from the existing SEC footprint.  I think we are going to find that most Texas kids or Florida based kids are still going to want to be close to home and play close to home.  I think the actually recruiting bump that SEC teams like USC or most other SEC schools have with A&M coming in, at least in Texas,  is rather miniscule! It will help A&M in the sence that if you are a top recruit in the Texas based area, if you want to play in the premier and most passionate football conference the SEC, A&M is the only game in town. Now some SEC schools like LSU have been recruiting in Texas before A&M was there. I think ultimately A&M coming in has little impact on them. They are going to recruit pretty  much the same, if not as well, if not actually take a small hit. The reason being that Texas kids that would want to play in the SEC had no option until now. It was LSU or Ark if you wanted to be any where close enough for your family and friends to watch you play.Bottom line, in my opinion the recruiting bump a team receives is the conference it's self and the proximity to the games that there family and fiends can attend. Simply put the Big 12 is not going to give FSU any recruiting bump WHATSOEVER!


I can assure you that FSU going to the BIg 12 is going to have massive negative impact on their local recruiting. I mean who wants to go to Aimes or Morgan town or even Austin. The game day atmospheres of the Big 12 schools are at a C USA level and that is the truth.


So bottom line FSU is just playing chicken here. They are hoping to do one of two things, bogart an SEC invite or push the ACC to give them a bigger piece of the pie! It's a simple as that.


As far as the SEC goes, they don't need to do anything. Just watch and wait, if FSU is stupid enough to actually go to the Big 12 they are signing their death warrant and they are probably signing the death warrant of the ACC!  Here is something to consider, the ACC is not just going to sit back and let FSU destroy the conference. So FOIA request are going to reveal some things. Did a member or REP of the Big 12 approach FSU about the possibility of jumping first!? If they did then the old 'Torturous Interference' ploy comes into play! What about the exit fees!? What about the Longhorn Network that is continually seeking to get more football games, they have gone from one OOC game to two games, (one conference) and are now pushing for 3. They have a dead network there that ESPN can't find any buyers for because most folk are not interested in watching Fozzy Whitaker's animal safari, where he talks about the health of Chickball coach Gail Gunderson's cat! So they know the only way to break through is to get football games on and basically hold their own fans hostage to pressure carriers to sign them on, good luck with that!  Well those come at the conferences expense. ESPN has a white elephant there and they are going to try to figure out a way to make it work. They are already looking for a way to pull the plug on it.


So all Slive and the SEC has to do is watch and wait. if this goes down, We swoop in and grab the two Virginia schools, adding a footprint and the DC market. Or wait for the NC schools or the survivors of the sinking ACC to come swimming our way. We just wait and pick up the scraps that we want and we don't have any TI or other issues to deal with. Bottom line, we call their bluff!

2 years, 11 months ago on FSU’s Outgoing Top Trustee Makes FSU’s AD, The ACC, Media Everywhere, And Yours Truly Look Bad