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@bellechose @LacretiaBranch   "let's stop dancing around this, shall we? there is NOTHING bw can do to reverse the damage. leave now or die trying to save people who don't want to be saved are bw's two options."


I've left the "Black Community" 30 years ago, never to return and infinitely the better for having done so.  

You younger Black women are finding out what I've learned loooooooooooong ago.    Black men want nothing to doi with Black women other than to use Black women as their mammies / handmaidens, "bed wenches", and nowadays, ATM's.     THEY. DON'T. WANT. US.   (particularly us dark hued Black women).   Black men have made themselves exceptionally clear,,,,,,we don't have the long pretty White girl hair nor the White or Latina or Asian skin tone thus we, Black women, are to be used, abused and thrown into the refuse.

I feel about them the way they feel about us.    I want nothing more to do Black men, including relatives, for most part, as well.    

As to Ray Rice...........he epitomizes what turns me off about Black men.    Know, in fact, he'd NEVER, and I mean NEVER, do what he did to a White or non-Black woman, STRAIGHT UP!

He lost his job due to HIS behavior, albeit "late".    I suspect his now wife is under some type of duress, threatened.

I've come to the conclusion to leave Black males alone altogether.   They now will fight their own battles.    

I do not support Black males in any way, shape, form or fashion any longer.

They will have to save themselves.   I will not fight for people (Black men) that hate me (Black Women).

1 week ago on Black Militants Call ESPN Journalist, Jemele Hill “Race Traitor”; “Bed Wench” for Calling Out Ray Rice Disparity


@DWB. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!,   Omg, omg, omg,   Sooooooooo true, omg.   LOL, LOL!     That's funny, though NOT funny!   (Omg, omg, lol).

1 week, 1 day ago on Celebrity Interracial Couple, Daniele Watts and Partner Detained by L.A. Police Who Mistook Her for Hoe and Her “John”


(Congratulation, Serena Williams, the dopest, tha baddest, the biggest to ever the play the game of tennis- - her 18th championship win at the U.S. Open - tied with Martina Navaratolova and Chris Everett.........the baddest Black woman in the game of tennis) and history making..........Bad (Ass) Black Women.........that's what's up!))

Total purse.......with bonuses..........4 Million.

YEAAAAAAAAHHHHH, BOYYYYYYEEEE!,    Lol, lol, lol, lol, lol.

2 weeks ago on TBT: Lady Sings the Blues


The baddest Black woman, EVA.   Ain't nobody got more SWAGGA then this woman here.   Give Ms. Diana Ross her credit where it's due.

She comes from the projects of Detroit, Michigan.   Came from nothin' the biggest pop figure EVER in life.

We (Black women) ALL, and I mean ALL OF US,  owe this woman ALL of our debt.

The dopest, the biggest, the baddest woman I've ever laid laid eyes on.

Hats off this woman.................THE BADDEST EVER..........


2 weeks ago on TBT: Lady Sings the Blues


@tracyreneejones, So, the point is to LIVE.   I, as a Black woman, choose to, at times, to live outside of my "norm", step outside of the "Black Box".   I'm a human, a woman, and Black, seriously, afterward.   I've met and know of some Black women that say "I won't do......(X), "i don't do.......(X)"",  "I won't try......(X)".      "Black people don't, won't, are not expected to do......(X)" what I face from my Black women friends in the real world offline.   The Black women I know and am friends with offline tell me this all the time.    And, I'm like, "Why Not try (X)".

Example:   White water river rafting.   Kids LOVE this stuff.....the water splashing, going down river in a raft, with a guide in the raft along with you, fresh air, fresh water, being loud with kids screaming with joy, a great lunch as part of the experience (PB&J, turkey, cheese, bread, soft drinks,.....back onto raft and heading down river with life jackets on, paddle oars, splashing water and rapids.....(we're talkin' beginner here....not experienced rafters with Niagra Falls type rapids (lol).     Obviously, this is just one example.      And, there's a strong possibility of meeting your future husband on an outing such as this, which the Black women I know and haw encountered tend to easily blow off.

It would behoove some Black women to open their minds to brand new experiences outside of their comfort zones.   Your mind changes and, thusly, ones' life does so as well for and to the positive.

That's just one example of many.

So, in meeting the men I've talked about, it brought new prospective in how I thought a man "should be".

The fellas I talked about, I didn't see their chairs, but them themselves.

I've grown and expanded into the woman I've always wanted to be, which takes effort, and am now reaping the benefits of living "a life worth living".

3 weeks, 1 day ago on Man Candy Monday: Able Bodied Men


@tracyreneejones @DeepWater Well, Thank you, TRJ, lol.  Will have further response in regard to your statement later today sometime.

3 weeks, 1 day ago on Man Candy Monday: Able Bodied Men


Mmmmmm, hmmmmmmm....the 1st guy and the last guy with his doggy friend and American flag draped over his shoulder are damn near edible, lol.      Last fella is packin' too, lol.

I've dated two different men in "chairs".......and let me tell ya.....they both (in different years) twisted me up like pretzel in their chairs, LOL.   Everything functioned too.     Generally, the assumption is that folk with disabilities cannot be sexual, that is SO not the case.   Both men taught me all kinds of new tricks, lol.   Actually they were better in areas than "able-bodied" men and far more attentive to a womans' needs.

Was gettin' ready to cross against the red light in SF when I heard "I wouldn't do that if I were you" (with that deep mans' voice).......I turned to see the deep blues and shock of blonde of a fella in a chair with a beautiful leather (and ironically) American flag jacket on.    He was foine, lol.    It all began there for about a year until the fool started stalkin' me and had to ultimately move to a different apartment, lol.  (Funny now, wasn't then).

Dude number two was a good friend until some drinks entered the picture and intimacy developed.   We're still friends though we've all moved on.......(he could play "Twister" in the chair,very well, LOL)

So, yes, ladies keep that mind'll be amaaaaaaaazed what (some of) these men can do........yum, yum, yummy, LOL.

3 weeks, 3 days ago on Man Candy Monday: Able Bodied Men


" Oh, no, sweetheart, I don't think so" is what the above picture iterates........we can agree to disagree.     We all will not necessarily get along, however we must as man and woman try and agree with our differences.

Homegirl is lettin' him know.........I ain't fallin' for your mess and drama, kiss it goodbye, however, you betta bring it (your point) otherwise,  your point apart will be torn it.    

That's what's up.

3 weeks, 6 days ago on How to Talk to Your Partner About Racially-Charged Issues


@tonyrog @Leille Chiiiiiiiiilllllle, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS (as water bursts out my

1 month ago on Man Candy Monday: Arabesque, Allongé! The Beauty of Ballet


So after having ran across Mr. Williams during my first encounter with him around '94/'95 (lived in Oakland but worked in SF during those years), we passed each other in our travels again at SF Library again around 2000, this time on other side of the block, again, while parking my bike at the library, (I've always appreciated good bikes, especially in SF where you can take bikes on Muni (public transit and get where you're going quickly with the bike) and stated "Didn't I run into you before and I said think so "good seeing you" he'd said (shock, lil' ole Black me?, lol)........until, again....stepping back a little bit.......and this time I got it out my mouth....."You're Robin Williams"......."All year" he replied, lol, I doubled over laughing, and yes, the man was quite handsome in person.    However, we were all goin' where we had to go and he'd quickly, when I'd finished locking up the (now different) bike, went on to tell me what this bike could do, where stuff was made, and how to work the gearing on bike while going up and down SF hills - which are major.   With that, he'd said simply enjoy your bike and have a great day and was off.   I stood in complete shock for, maybe, a minute or two.  Shocking to meet someone of that stature without their "peoples" (entourage) around them.   He was totally by himself.   He was still living in San Francisco at that time (died in his Tiburon home in Marin County across the Bay from San Francisco).     I won't forget it (like having met Whoopie Goldberg - a compadre of Mr. Williams - in Oakland while she was shooting "Made In America").    Bizarre, I know.   True, yes, lol.

(Was on the move with the food truck and serving customers at the same time, lol, while gettin' my hurt feelings down on this particular thread.    That was some multi-taskin' for your ass right there, LOL.    I'm one of the New New Black Women of 2014, lol, lol, lol, omg).

Anyway, I'm hurt and sad and will continue on, what a great loss for us all.

Nanu, Nanu. to my "inner child" was good having you come across my travels.

Rest In Love, Mr. Williams...  You will be sorely and terribly missed.

1 month ago on Open Thread: Share Your Favorite Robin Williams Moments



Chiiiiiiilllle, put the pipe down, put it down, Christelyn, lol, omg..

Too funny......needed the laugh, badly.

May want to go into comedy or some type of acting.......fuuuuuuuunnnnny!

1 month ago on Video: Sh$t Black People Say to Black Women to Keep Them Stuck in the Matrix


Still busy but have a few moments.

Though not funny, a neighbor, maybe about 5 to 7 houses away somebody is playing "My Heart Will Go On" (the movie "Titanic") by Celine Dion (whom I know little about other than this song and her being Canadian)......and playing it many times since the death of Mr. Williams.......a great song......evidently someone is feeling his death (along with the rest of us) immensely (lol, though extremely sad).

I've no more to say other than I'm extremely disappointed and hurt by Mr. Williams' death.....also the manner of his hanging.    As a Black woman the noose is an immediate threat to African-American for him to take his life in this manner is most distasteful, though, obviously, as a White male.

Anyways, (yeah, I know, bad syntax)  I'm terribly hurt and saddened by my childhood "hero".  I loved Mork & Mindy.   He was the funniest thing I'd ever seen and I'm terribly disappointed at this loss.

Sorry that I'm still busy (lol), and want to continue to comment further however, my life is calling, and still have more say and will holla at y'all soon.


Met him at SF Library (many things there e-everything, not just "books"...).   Parked my bike, and now, unbeknownst to me then, he was a SERIOUS bike enthusiast and that's why he began talking to me.   Was parking bike in like '94 or '95 and all I heard was "cool bike" (thought it was some fool hittin' on me, but was this dude in a hoodie and fairly expensive bike gear and stated "cool bike", I looked up and stood ram-rod straight recognizing who he was and his immediate reaction was "get over it" and proceeded to tell me what my bike could do, lol, no lie.......(will go further later.....).

I'm torn with all the "star" death in that, imo, these folk have everything.....and, at the same time, people are people are people are people......we all have issues.......but damn......why?    Why this way?   Why not therapy?    

Anyways, gotta go, still busy, gotta business to attend to, holla at y'all y'all.

1 month, 1 week ago on Open Thread: Share Your Favorite Robin Williams Moments


@tracyreneejones @zipporah   I'm good with the death that will come trj, however, I want it to be in peace, not in a car, train, or plain wreck or some bad murder......I want to to die with my friends and family at my bedside with a good, solid, great comforter, in a fabulous robe or some type of comfies, in a fabulous home, with a "j" in my mouth, that's the bottom line......don't want to die horribly.........just fabulously........the way I deserve my mind anyway.............

......maybe a "shot" too.or few.....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

1 month, 1 week ago on Open Thread: Share Your Favorite Robin Williams Moments


@Kaiju_Bleu  I sat down cried myself, I'm truly hurt by this mans' death, my child and young adulthood died with him.....

1 month, 1 week ago on Open Thread: Share Your Favorite Robin Williams Moments


So upset at this (great) mans' demise.

I'm busy at this moment, however I will comment further when I get the time.

Sad, hurts me.   I met him twice.  Both times at SF Library, by himself, no entourage.

He was awesome, what a sad loss to us all.   The man was gifted. 

(so sad after the loss of now, Lauren Becall a great actor (actress)......and, previous.......the great Phillip Seymore Hoffman).

1 month, 1 week ago on Open Thread: Share Your Favorite Robin Williams Moments


@Swirlgirl28 You beat me to the punch, I was gonna say, it's kinda like "Sweet Brown", some lady caught on YouTube regarding some matter, a crime I think, and stated "Who Got Time For That".........BWAHAHAHAHA!

1 month, 1 week ago on Blackistani Light Skinned Privilege: Aren’t You Glad You’re Free of It?


I also want to say that I agree with Nikki J in that both ladies are beautiful in the poster but only one is valued.

1 month, 1 week ago on Blackistani Light Skinned Privilege: Aren’t You Glad You’re Free of It?


The term "Black and Ugly" come from Black men.   I've never been called this from light or dark hued Black women, except a now dead damn-near White Black aunt who didn't want my Blackness to rub off on my cousins.

The only thing I will add is that I'm done with what Christelyn calls "the ferals"

Black men have, in my opinion, have spread the ultimate hate toward dark-hued Black women around the world through music, media and the streets.

Kind of goes back to the Gloria Steinem (actually Inna Dunn) saying "women need men like a fish needs a bicycle".

All the nasty terms "chickenhead", "skeezer", "heaux" "masculine", "THOT", are all terms referred to dark-hued Black women all coined by Black men.

Black men and Black male identified women are destroying "Black People" with their mean and disgusting hate toward self.

"Black and Ugly" was/is coined by Black men toward dark-hued Black women.

Speaking for myself, as a Black woman I have parted with Black men and most Black male relatives with the above prevailing mindset.

I stated in another subject "The Blatant Rejection of Traditional Looking Black Women" on this site that I've left Black men behind and that my life is infinitely the better for it.

The man I'm with for six years, this very morning, stated he loves me and that I'm beautiful.    I know for a fact that a Black man would never tell me that, not even old Black boyfriends.

Again, I've parted from Black men and my life is soooooooooooooooooo much better for it.

I care about y'all as humans, but I will not have Black men in my life.    

Y'all have chosen to hate us and, therefore, I have no use for you (useless).

1 month, 1 week ago on Blackistani Light Skinned Privilege: Aren’t You Glad You’re Free of It?


So......the mental illness shows itself, lol.

Words such as that of the above Black male are common among Black men here in the U.S.   I've traveled quite a bit in this country and the refrain "don't want dark-skinned women" remains the same in most regions I've been to.

Been hearing the above words for 30+ years now, from relatives as well.

I've left Black men behind.   My life is infinitely the better for having done so.

The man I've been with for six years now (Irish) has just got me a car (not off the showroom floor, but new to me and not a hoopty either, LOL), paid my bills this month, all without asking.   I have my food truck and have a job.  I know for a fact ain't no "brutha" I ever met would ever do that for a Black woman, not the ones I knew and know whom were/are with Black men, they always had/have to beg for diaper or gas money, let alone, other major bills, heyall to nawl.

Done with Black men and their serious cases of mental challenges and illnesses.

Black Men = Useless.

1 month, 1 week ago on Blatant Rejection of “Traditional” Looking Black Women. See for Yourself Why Expanding Your Options is Necessary.


Hey now.   The above is a sad telling of how little Black lives matter.   Most particularly Black women's lives in the larger "missing" picture.

I agree with SweetGardenia when she states "I suspect that many of these young women could be missing because of the men who played a romantic role in their lives.  They are usually looked at first as a person of interest."   I think this is ONE truth.

However, Anthony Sowell of Cleveland, OH, where 11 women, all Black, were found dead in and around his home, and a copycat Michael Madison I believe his name is also of Cleveland, OH, whom's home also had 4 women, all Black, dead in and around his home stated themselves they preyed upon women without "perfect" lives..........i.e. looking for love, drugs, alcohol, and and/or shelter.

This is not to say that this is what happened to all 64,000 Black women missing.   They are missing, unfortunately.

In the Black Largesse our lives mean little........also some people do know what happened to some of these women but are living the "no snitching" credo that Black Thug Life support.    Not cooperating with authorities as to what may have happened or has been done to some of these women.

In Black Life "this is White folks's stuff"......"this doesn't happen to us".      This is what serial killers DEPEND ON.   They know that Black womens' lives mean little at this time.........until we change the narrative.

I know its easier said.......however,

Do not talk to strangers (I'm talkin' total strangers).

Do not take rides with just "acquaintances"....they are just that.

Be aware of whom you hangin' with.

Watch your surroundings.

Be wary of whom is in your home........the cable guy, "the Geek Squad", contractors, etc.

Make sure someone else knows the above is coming to your home and/or have another trusted person with you upon their arrival.

Hopefully, some of these women will be found.......some will not.

Use your intelligence ladies......not that that means all that much when somethin' weird is going down.....get to the police, ASAP, if you can.    Use that cell sista used it while kidnapped in trunk of a car and got herself does and can happen.

Yet again, we, Black women, have to do it ourselves.......that's the bottom line.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Where Did 64,000 Black Women and Girls Go?


@Love_Kiddo How ya doiin' (in my New Jersey Mafia voice, big LOL', Love_Kiddo?    Welcome.

Just know, it will be on and poppin' at don't always agree with er-body.....that's how it be.     We, at least me, as Black women share varied experiences and developmental processes on this site.   We don't always agree, however, we do "speak to the choir" in our experience as Black women.

So, welcome to you.   This site has changed my life.   I hope it does the same for you.

Again, WELCOME (to the "pit".........BIG LAUGH OUT LOUD!).

Welcome to YOU!

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Open Thread: Reader Questions Her Commitment to ‘Black Love’


@Justme65.   Oh, yes, he is the real deal and those whom lived to now from that era still want him gon'.  He gave up all dirty cops he knew of and sent them down in flames thus Serpico's name is still verboten among NYPD, even, from my understanding, to this very day.

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Gotta Say Something Because This is Inexcusable: Eric Gardner Didn’t Have to Die for 50 Cents.


Frank Serpico......still alive.......gave up NYPD cops in the '70s over their corruption and evil toward the residents of NYC.

There are those cops whom are now NYPD brass that still want him and his name dead and buried.

I was a child, though I do remember it being a big deal, when Serpico faced the then Mayor John Lindsey's Knapp Commission regarding said corruption and gave 'em up, names, ranks, and metaphorically kicked ass.

I remember Amadou Dialo being shot 41 times in the vestibule of his apartment building when he'd offered up a cell phone that was assumed to be a gun.

I also remember Abner Louima whom was raped by NYPD with a broomstick handle because he didn't "bow down" to them.

(so sad what happened to man in the video......losing his life over some 50 cent cigarettes.....word?)

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Gotta Say Something Because This is Inexcusable: Eric Gardner Didn’t Have to Die for 50 Cents.


@VadimvandenDonk, I shall and thank you, you do the same.

2 months ago on Open Thread: Reader Questions Her Commitment to ‘Black Love’


@VadimvandenDonk @Kaiju_Bleu  I don't speak to the majority, just to the reality, of how Black men, in my experience with them, are.

Never kind, never "gentlemenly", never sweet, never just "interested".......always dirty......never kind........"Black women are always up to something"........are the experience I've always had Black males.     They are rarely sweet in a genuine way......always "You're a bitch in not speaking to me in the way I desire" from Black men.     Never kind......never. "Hey, how you doin, how is your day?"     Always "Hey mama, why you can't holla a brutha"..............BIG TURNOFF.

So when I used the term "share".......I look at that with serious skepticism.....and that is my right..........don't trust Black men in any way, shape, form or fashion because of past encounters with them........which are NEVER sweet.........always vile, dirty......and......disgusting.

So your "share" is dripping, from my point view, with heavy sarcasm, skepticism, and suspicion.     Don't trust Black men with mighty reason whether you dig it or not.

2 months ago on Open Thread: Reader Questions Her Commitment to ‘Black Love’


@sparel @kia Let 'em know, Kia.    If you don't know, now you know.

2 months ago on Open Thread: Reader Questions Her Commitment to ‘Black Love’


@VadimvandenDonk @Kaiju_Bleu, Lady A:

I've read your "share".

I will make this plain.    Black men have clear and present hatred toward Black women.

The individual that wrote the letter to Ms. Karazin is now finding out the very real "reality" that Black men, at least those I've encountered as a Black woman, and statements I've listened to by Black men, "high profile" or not, continue to tell us dark-hued Black women that they don't want us.    They shout it from the mountain tops "we only want, light, White, or anyone else but you".......That is Black men for you.

Sugarcoat you will NOT get from me.

Black men WILL not give protection to Black women, overall (Tom Joyner for witness Jeantel in GZ trial is one of rarity).

Black men will not stand up in majority Black communities and stop the killings, rapes, and denigration of Black women on THE DAILY.

Black men kill each other like dogs in the street, go to prison in unbelievable numbers, and expect us Black women to continue to support their sorry asses with our time and MONEY, (I ain't yo' Mammy).

Black men such as Kevin Hart, Dr. Dre, D.L, Hughly (following up Don Imus' calling the Rutgers College women "nappy headed hoes" on Jay Leno), and others continue to call us names and state they'd never date anyone that look anything remotely like "us".

Black men have expressed this now over the last 60+ years by not marrying Black women, by leaving their families for "something better"......ask Lauyn Hill about it......the woman has 5 (or six, not sure) children with a Bob Marley son.....and the man, damn near out of the blue "dumped" her and married some Brazilian model within a year of meeting the woman.

I've heard Black men personally state to my face "you're cute - for a dark girl" you form your face to even say something imbisillic such as that?

This woman is inquiring as to what she is now finding out to be the truth.

Black men have lost their manhood.    Few, if any, are MEN.

Black men have shirked their responsibilities to their communities, to their "families", to their whole of ownership of being Black men.

There are the few, Bill Cosby, being one.     The man called Black America out on its' bs and Black folk couldn't handle the truth when he stated "stop naming your children names you can't pronounce, stop speaking Ebonic, pull your pants up and look like a young man so you can get a job, stop going to prison".........the man stated this and Black folk saw it as an affront to them when, in fact, he was stating THE TRUTH.

Black men throw us under the bus daily........where do you think the names "chickenhead", "skeezer", "heaux", and nowadays THOT (them "heaux" over there) come ain't Black women, so where those names come from?    It shole ain't White or other men?     ThIose names come from Black men.

This woman is finding out what I've now come to understand over the last 30 odd years, Black men don't want us.   They say it in various ways, not marrying us, having multiple children without the legal marriage that offers her and offspring legal protections, having children with other women that the wife may know, not supporting any of them and not just use her for a baby-pumping machine, hand-maiden and ATM........I mean, I can go on, and on, and on, and on, and on,..........

You won't save yourselves, let alone, Black communities going downhill, you won't stand up for Black women, but y'all will sell us down the road, for your Ferragamo belts, your "gold" pieces, and your "boys".........You'll stand ANYONE but us.

Black men have thrown their families away, never to call the family, or any type of life sustaining help or any type of love..........this I can attest to.

So, I wish this woman good luck in finding a "new type" of mate.   Someone who will offer her genuine love and care and who wants her and wants to be with her, and she, he..........and not some damned loser.

2 months ago on Open Thread: Reader Questions Her Commitment to ‘Black Love’


Great video.     Margaret Cho?     She's a San Francisco comedic legend.   Dude from Modern Family, I think?  Lol.    Jack Black and his ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder), lol.

Good stuff.......Weird Al Yankovic has been doing is "remakes" for about 30 years of his best is the "lifting" of Michael Jackson's "Beat It"....with "Eat It", big lol.

2 months ago on Hilarious Weird Al “Tacky” Has Aisha Tyler and Jack Black Acting Ridiculous


So proud of Ms. Jeantel considering sitting on the "hot seat" unprepared by the prosecution during the GZ trial.

Good on Mr. Joyner to help her improve her lot in life.

It would behoove Ms. Jeantel to lose that gold grill.........unbecoming.

Aside from that congratulations to her for her high school graduation.......and much luck to her continued life improvement.

2 months ago on Got to Give Credit Where It’s Due…Some Real Knights Rode in to Save Rachel Jeantel


I stopped wearing the "bone-straight crown and "side-burn" Japanese Sumo wrestler look" about, now, 20 years ago.   Got tired of the relaxer, going to the hair-dresser all day on Saturdays to get upkeep for said look for corporate life at the time.   Started transitioning in the early 90's in that I got tired of all the drama that straightened hair requires.    Can't swim, do humidity, any form of hats, scarves, or anything of that sort.    Have "dreadlocks" going down my back now and my (John McCain - 40 years ago - current lookin' as heyall) loves to play with during intimate times, loves it.

Those Black women on Real Housewives (of Atlanta) don't look real to me anymore.....says to me that you know longer want to appear nor look Black anymore.....more like Jessica Simpson.....than say.........Macy Gray, LOL!

Much easier to deal with and my hair is longer than ever.........done with other Black folk think about "my beauty".

There's a Latino dude at my (paycheck) job....(still have consumer food truck business) that thinks I'm the "ish" lie.   Loves my Black self.......I see them eyeballs and tongue waggin' while dancin' to my grooves (on tablet) while doing my work at paycheck gig..........mmmmm, hmmmmm, (big LOL).

Will be natural, pretty much, I think, whose to say, until then end.........much easier, I'm more beautiful, and feel much better and healthier than when I thought relaxer would attract "Black men"........thank Goddess I know longer think in that way, form or fashion, any longer.

Love me in the way Goddess made me........the only way to go.......... (don't like it.......the highway's over there....get on it.....), see ya.

2 months ago on Open Thread: Does Being a Natural Make You Feel Like a Different Person?


As you young people like to say "keep it movin'"..........Black men will be left behind.........that's what's up!  

As for Black women.....keep it movin'......leave the losers behind.........that's the goal!

2 months, 1 week ago on It Started with Just a Few Voices, and Now a Cocophany: The Forces Speaking Up for Black Women Are Being Heard, and Some Folks are Scared


@Kels @DeepWater I'll be honest, I've looked at a little bit of RHOA and feel for these ladies.........again.....sad.      The days of women supporting anyone other than their children is despicable.   I hope this "Cynthia" character has done what you've said, protect her daughters' college fund from her, now, former husband,, it is sad.    These Black women need, from what little I've seen, to get their acts together, and leave these "high profile" losers alone, I mean, really, why waste your time on a non-future.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on RHOA Demonstrates How Some Black Women Waste Their Potential on Shifty Men


@Swirlgirl28 @Brenda55    "Sherri Sheperd is another hot mess. She wanted to be married soooo bad; that any old black man would do. Welp, now she's also facing the consequences of her choice to rush into marriage. Smh.....she also has soooo much access to quality men of various races, but still chooses "less than," dbr males as mates. I can't deal."

That's what's up, for

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@Swirlgirl28   "but being hot doesn't pay the bills".....................HELLO.   You think?    Big lol.

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@kia  That's what's up, you hit the proverbial nail on the head, Kia.......straight up!

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Chiiiiiiiiiiiiilllle, you look absolutely FABULOUS!    Great skin, great look, great figure (especially with 4 children), not mad at all, girl, LOL!   41 ain't bad at all, you know more about yourself, your likes, dislikes, what you're about, and what you can and have accomplished.

I'm 50, don't look it nor act like it, LOL.    All of my co-workers still don't believe it when they ask my age, one woman told me I didn't look a day past 25 and truly meant and still doesn't believe me really.......big LOL!

Keep doin' what you're doin' Ms.'ve changed my life.......and, most likely, the lives of other Black women and the United Nations of other women as well.

You are living the "American Dream"..........and lookin' great while doing it!    Keep on keepin' on phenominal woman!

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Hey now.   Stopped goin' to churches a loooooooooooooonnnnnng time ago.  I agree with you all here.  I used to attend church(es) with relatives because we had to, and not just Sundays, but damn near 4 to 5 days a week.    Y'all know, choir practice, Sunday school, "mass", cooking of church dinners, attending other churches with choir, etc.   I CANNOT stand preachers AT ALL.   The lies they spew forth are repugnant.   The "prosperity pimps" don't give one damn about not a soul in pretty much any congregation in Black communities.    I saw this for myself how these "ministers" work.   They get the nice cars, nice homes, good schooling for their children.  However, the congregants are suffering with lost jobs, lost souls, broken homes and want to sell you a bill of goods about tithing their church with what little money that you may have.....ask them for help and see what you get.......a whole bunch nothing.      There are good churches out there, however, they are among the rare.

The games that are played in church are another turn-off.    Who's doin' who and how "light" are they?   Do y'all know that colorism is uber STRONG in the Black church.   Dark hued Black male preachers rarely, if ever, married dark-hued Black women......ALWAYS lighter.......I noticed that as a child........more so, now, as an adult.

I believe very little of anything that a so-called "man of God" has to much so........I have read and believe VERY LITTLE of "The Bible" written.......contradictory........always used as a weapon heavily against women..........I will not set foot in "houses of ill-repute"..........because that's what churches are, they ain't about soul savin', their about money getting, having, and hoarding and leading congregants into the sick world of organized religion.    I think it, the Black church, has in 2014 become the downfall of Black folk.   They don't address very real issues such as AIDS, drug use, sexuality, "the new world order"........The Black church is lagging in pulling Black folk out of their mire.   Lastly, I don't get why single Black women continue to go to church looking for their "Black Kang", when they don't, overall, attend church?    What you waitin' for dude to come out the sky?

Don't do churches.......less filling.

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@LeCe @LovelyLulu I remember Jim Jones......a, sick, twisted, and perverted megalomaniac.  I had a boyfriend years ago whose previous girlfriend went to Jonestown, Guyana with "The People's Temple" and was subsequently murdered by literally drinking the Kool-Aid.

The church building stands today, in 2014, empty in San Francisco, CA.   NO ONE wants anything to do with the purchase of that church.........bad juju.

Jackie Speiers, a current California congresswoman, was shot 5 times, and has lived to tell, along with Leo Ryan, another California congressman, whom was killed I believe, along with the cameraman whom you linked footage to, while going to salvage the people there from that sick ****.

Anytime some clown tells you to leave everything to them and leave for another country you know nothing's time to split, heard me?   That's what's up.  

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@NATruthstudent, Meant to say one of the few films that is equally done well and adapted damn near exactly to the level of detail that a book delivers would be, I think, the movie "The Godfather" (series 2 and 3).

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@NATruthstudent, I love The Bodyguard also, NATtruthstudent, lol.   It's a tad corny here and there but still good overall.   It was a bit shocking, frankly, at the time, though "modern".    

Yes, I would say it was a mold-breaker in '92 and, yes, there should be "deeper, more intensive treatments of IR relationships" on film.  Would like to see more of it.    

Still, I want to check out Zane's "Addicted" in book form first, "the book" is generally better than "the movie" in that a story comes directly from the writer's head as opposed to the story being "adapted" from the book with Hollywood license, thus wrong casting in numerous ways, in a many instances.

(Ex:  Mario Puzo's "The Godfather" is equally as fantastic on film as written).

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@bamabelle2k9 @kia Hey now.   I agree with you, bamabelle2k9, regarding The Bodyguard.   However, Kevin Costner, whom was majority financier of the film, stated in the late '90s (after the movies' 1992 release) that he KNEW the film would only go so far with love scenes in that love scenes with a Black woman superstar, at the time, would be problematic for HER image (in regard to her fan base) that time.   He also stated himself that he knew that the interracial film would be risky in terms of his (still) good and solid relationship with Warner Bros. and not getting a major return on his, and their, investment.     So I feel you that the film is "light" on, what could have, been serious love scenes in the film;  The film stands up still, though I did want "more" myself, lol.

(The man has many cool points for delivery of eulogy at Ms. Houston's funeral, being surrounded by a primarily Black congregation and having been born the son of a Baptist preacher, and was comfortable in "his skin" in that environment).

I'mma gonna have to get this Zane "Addicted" book, yes, the "old" kind, where you pick it up and read the paper pages one at a time - no e-reader for me, thank you, lol - I like sittin' in my comfies, in a chair with a good drink, soft or not, and being immersed into another world:-)

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@Will E Uhm So, how many wives do you have, Will?.   Are you making the world a better place with those wives you have, Will?   How about all those kids you have to take of, Will?   Is it a good life, Will?   Since you know so much about this, why don't you tell us about your polygamous relationships, Will.   Inform us.

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@Will E Uhm Not in here, son.   Don't care if you're White, this story is bunch of bull about tired as men, Black males, in particular.    You sound like you're a tired, trifling, White male, and?   Don't come here sellin' your BS to folk you are underestimating.    Go get what you want, I ain't buyin' what you sellin, ya dig?   So, please, have a stadium amount of seats.

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@JolieMelodie  "And to make matter worse, the picture of the "husband" screams "broke and lazy". Sorry but come on!"    Lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, roflmbao, omg.

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