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I would support releasing with no raids if they wanted to make an even playing field.  I am absolutely against releasing an unfinished game just to give people something to do.


The only World Firsts/Server Firsts that guilds seem to care about now are Heroic modes.  If you want to even the playing field, then keep Heroic Raids closed for 2-3 weeks to allow for levelling/gearing time, very similar to what Blizzard did with the Diablo 3 RMAH.  ICC Normal modes were gated, and it felt very clunky.  Top guilds were literally finished with all the content in 1-2 weeks.  Then the next gate opened and they were finished again.  Then all the heroics were available all at the same time once Lich King was dead and the true race was on.  It evened the playing field somewhat but still strictly favored those who spent the most time on it.


Some people play the game only to raid.  No PvP, minimal achievement farming, just raiding.  Those are the primary people bored and burned out right now.  Releasing a game before the raids are ready would not do anything for those people.  Still no new raids, just now they can completely obliterate the old raids.  Let the raids get finished and gate the Heroics.  Then you'll have an even playing field for all.

2 years, 10 months ago on Idea: Release Mists with No Raids?