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I understand your "Don't push the river" stradegy as I have several kitties, but after moving to Virginia from California a few years ago, I feel like I'm faced with a torential flood with regards to plastic vs. reusable bags here!  I am independent and a pioneer and will not give in to the behind-the-times local peer pressure and so I bring my reusable bags as often as I can. I usually get annoyed looks from the checkers and sometimes they hand them back so I can bag them myself. It's not just the continued use of plastic (bags, bottles, etc) here, it's the dispose-out-the-car-window mentality that irks me. All the stores here sell reusable bags, but I rarely see them being used.

I can only be assured that my good example will be noticed by some.  I also plan on making and selling bags from discarded items (50 lb. coffee bean bags, clothing, wool sweaters, etc.) to encourage people to carry and use fun and interesting "designer" bags.

I'm sure the pre-packaged items at Trader Joes are the result of bottom-line savings from upper management, but maybe it goes against their Mission Statement or image and they, like Turtleback, will change with consumer protest.

2 years, 10 months ago on What Can Environmentalists Learn from Bad Kitties?