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 @IronMike76 You leave a penny in your pocket when you empty your pockets to go through the metal scanner gate, and you're pulled over for "the treatment". There's no going back through for a re-check.  You WILL have to go through either the x-ray machine or the pat-down. If instead you say that you will just not fly at all, you still have to go through one or the other.  The verdict is still out as to whether the x-ray machines are dangerous, or can be if they malfunction. The humiliation of having your "junk" immortalized in TSA's computer cannot be measured, nor should it have to be. In the whole time that TSA has been taking their porno pictures and sexually groping passengers, many of whom were chosen because of their attractiveness, not a single weapon of any kind has been detected at any airport in the US. The 4th amendment does not say, "except by TSA". I guarantee you that if pelosi, boxer, wasserman-schultz, et al had to go through the groping a few times, it would end. You  spoke of Ben Gurion airport. They do not have this BS to contend with, and their risk is immeasurably higher than ours. What is your response to that?

2 years, 10 months ago on If the Feds Won't Stop the TSA, the States Should