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Here we go with people not understanding pricing or economics. Nike could easily charge $80 for foams, or they only cost $5 to manufacturer? Really? If the only costs that go into running a business is manufacturing the product (forget sales, advertising, R&D, Logistics) then you should be buying Nike stock and not the sneakers. $5 cost and $200+ price tag , that would mean Nike is making 4000% (40 times) Return on Investment ... GTFOH ... 

If only there were sneaker companies that produced their sneakers in the USA and charged reasonable prices, maybe all these "holier than though" sneakerheads would flock there in droves. Wait why aren't more people buying New Balance? 

Based on what I can tell, Nike is appropriately priced, it sells because they have a pseudo monopoly because of Jordans and many of their popular designs are only available from them. You maximize profits on a monopoly by cutting supply in half and raising the price point for the most part (over simplification). 

1 week ago on Can We Please Stop Releasing Foamposites?


@SockandSole  First thing I thought too ... 

3 weeks, 5 days ago on Nike Air Max 1 FB Mercurial “Neo Lime”