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Great posts about this B%$S letter to BW.  I am much older than many of you posting and I am happy that the opportunities are there for all of you.  It is a different time now, and if other men are checking for you, don't say no.  It was not like that years ago.  Always take care of your spiritual, mental and physical health.  Watch for your haters:  black elite, black lower class, black men, white women, gay men.  It had to be explained to me that BM marry WW because they are chasing acceptance and privilege by matching their maleness with her whiteness. I am embarrassed to admit it, but that is when the light bulb went off for me. BM are willing to sell us out for a "piece of the action" (however small) in the American capitalist system.  So now that they see educated and independent black women expanding their options, they are getting nervous.  Listen, BM have been swirling since the 1950s and all the excuses they used then and now fall flat because they are lies.  They were always given a pass.  Now, you are not giving them a pass, but moving on.  I love it.  If I could tell you about the destruction of the black community with the heroin, crack, crime, violence...  Just date, don't date "at" black men, just date and marry based on mutual love and respect.  I wish all of you the best, you are doing the right thing.  I will continue to read and learn more.

4 hours, 51 minutes ago on Could What Ralph Richard Banks Said in His Book Be True Regarding How Swirling Might Help Black Women Marry Black Men?


Great article and a good historical comparison to the NDAA. Hopefully, more will visit this site and ignore the sore loser confederates who are constitutionalists when convenient to their ideology of hate and sloth.

2 years, 5 months ago on An Effective Method to Restore Due Process