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@Minn_man  He made a bad move.  There are enough favors owed to LAPD in Hollyweird that he could have gotten his reputation back without breaking policy.  He tried her in the court of the press.  He cannot do that as a public servant.  She is a civilian, albeit an irresponsible druggie, but she is not an officer of the law.

3 days, 5 hours ago on Daniele Watts Faced with Lewd Conduct Charges


@darkandlovely @GoldenPrecious  "BM have a rather complicated relationship with the truth"


BM never learned that running game and lying is a game for boys, not men.  Many have been encouraged by their fathers to do so.

It catches up with them in the end, most "complicated relationships" [SMILE] do.

3 days, 6 hours ago on Could What Ralph Richard Banks Said in His Book Be True Regarding How Swirling Might Help Black Women Marry Black Men?


Great video and I love your naturally coiffed hairdo. 

The image of the Black Pantheress has become part of the American psyche.

I am a little new here, but the PSA for BW would be to change our vocabulary.  BW need to stop calling black men brothas, as clearly they don't act like it.  BW need to stop using the terms "holdin' it down" or "ride and die" because those terms are penitentiary vocabulary.  Most importantly, BW need to stop identifying with the "struggle" of black men.  That struggle is only their quest for white supremacy to be bequeathed to them.  All this vocabulary and ideology is from the 1970s and 1980s.  It is a different time now.

I love when you say that we are trying to get away from certain images that were manufactured for us to slip into.  The only way we can get away from these images and behavioral patterns is to change our vocabulary and reorient ourselves away from black men.  No parties where the majority will be BM, no mixers or networking for black folk only, no fraternity/sorority parties, no HBCU homecomings, no "black" movies, no Tyler Perry or Steve Harvey, no purchasing of anything endorsed by a Hollywood/Television celebrity, no blind support of a black candidate.  Much to the dismay of Frances Wesling(sp.?), when we see ourselves separate and apart from BM, and subsequently the Black Community dysfunction, then and only then will we be able to demand how we are to be perceived.

3 days, 23 hours ago on “Dear White Guys Who Like Black Women, Please Stop Saying This…”


I know this is off-topic, but OMG, I just watched some "Why black men don't date black women" videos on youtube and I feel BW are definitely under attack from BM.  Even some women from other races have joined in the bash black women fray.  Where is that cyber army who tore down the FB community of BB&W when it comes to defending black women?  I guess as usual, MIA.  It is amazing that BM have now formed a complete baseless science as to why BW are not attractive, mateworthy or marriageable.  Some of the things said by these BM really argued for their own abortion or demise, but they were too stupid to see it that way.  If their mothers had been as what they described as having admirable traits (docility, less drama (angst), etc.) they would not have survived their childhood.

This reminds me of the gay rights struggle in the 1970s.  The gay community hitched its wagon to the Supreme Court's decision to allow women to have abortion under the privacy rule (our bodies, no one's business).  That was the major defense of the gay rights movement.  When AIDS arrived in full swing at the gay community in 1980, this reason of privacy could no longer suffice as defensible.  Thus, the "science" of being born that way showed up on the scene.  Now, I am not saying that soy and birth control pills do not play a part, but it is interesting how science and theory changes to reinforce a position.

So, BM/WW/OW used to be about non-racism and true love and, let me not forget, "I can't find any black women at my level".  Well, now that doesn't fly since there are more educated black women than men and OJ blew the true love theory out the window, so a theory and "science" must be invented that the fault lies in the personality and physical makeup of the BW.  Oh really, talk about BS lies and pseudo science.  It is a total lack of responsibility for the state of Black America today and in the past.  We are accused, ALL OF BW, of being hostile, angry, loud, common, ratchet, etc., but BM refuse to see their behavior in all of the dysfunction in the black community.

I would just like to ask these men who killed 7,000 black people in America in 2011 (FBI stats)?  The overwhelming majority of these murders were by BLACK MEN.  Who are the fathers of the fatherless children?  If a baby momma has 4 kids with 4 different men, then they didn't arrive by the stork, now did they?  One idiot who was married to a Latina said that "brothers" were afraid to lose their wealth because sistahs will get loud in the street and holla for the police to come and arrest you for nothing.  I had to laugh.  97% of the black prison population is there for crimes against the community, not sistahs tryin' to "jam a brotha up".

As Martin Luther King said, no lie lives forever.  Ladies, please, please get as far away from this dysfunction as you can so that the lies reveal not only themselves, but the liars as well.

5 days, 2 hours ago on Listen Ladies! If You’re Going to Complain About How “Black Men Hate You” While Scoffing at Expanding Your Options…Then You’re Just Begging.


@Sybellis @Deanna125  I agree Sybellius.  It shouldn't be that hard to form a relationship.  The good ones are already spoken for, and as women of character who acknowledge our self-worth, we would not consider man-sharing or adultery.  The notion of "good ones" now that I think about it is a carrot to be dangled in the face of BW so as to control the purse strings.  After all, if BW start exploring other options, who will buy a ticket to go to a "Q" [Omega Phi Psi fraternity] party, LOL! 

For BW to explore other options, is not a new concept.  But 30 years ago, dad would look at you cross-eyed and mama would always say, "what are you going to do when he calls you a n&**er?"  Furthermore, white folks were a lot different 30 years ago, trust.  However, for BW to have been contemplating this 30 years ago, shows that this young man does not realize that BW are no longer co-signing on the dysfunction anymore and that makes me very happy.

But like I said in the previous post, just date out because you and my other BW sisters are beautiful creations of God and the opportunity exists now; don't date out as a reaction toward BM, they would still be controlling things that way. 

I was very unimpressed with this young man's letter.  BTW, I am single, never married and childless, so if you have options, please exercise them.

1 week ago on Could What Ralph Richard Banks Said in His Book Be True Regarding How Swirling Might Help Black Women Marry Black Men?


Great posts about this B%$S letter to BW.  I am much older than many of you posting and I am happy that the opportunities are there for all of you.  It is a different time now, and if other men are checking for you, don't say no.  It was not like that years ago.  Always take care of your spiritual, mental and physical health.  Watch for your haters:  black elite, black lower class, black men, white women, gay men.  It had to be explained to me that BM marry WW because they are chasing acceptance and privilege by matching their maleness with her whiteness. I am embarrassed to admit it, but that is when the light bulb went off for me. BM are willing to sell us out for a "piece of the action" (however small) in the American capitalist system.  So now that they see educated and independent black women expanding their options, they are getting nervous.  Listen, BM have been swirling since the 1950s and all the excuses they used then and now fall flat because they are lies.  They were always given a pass.  Now, you are not giving them a pass, but moving on.  I love it.  If I could tell you about the destruction of the black community with the heroin, crack, crime, violence...  Just date, don't date "at" black men, just date and marry based on mutual love and respect.  I wish all of you the best, you are doing the right thing.  I will continue to read and learn more.

1 week, 1 day ago on Could What Ralph Richard Banks Said in His Book Be True Regarding How Swirling Might Help Black Women Marry Black Men?


Great article and a good historical comparison to the NDAA. Hopefully, more will visit this site and ignore the sore loser confederates who are constitutionalists when convenient to their ideology of hate and sloth.

2 years, 5 months ago on An Effective Method to Restore Due Process