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Greetings Hillbillies and Rednecks! 


Denver fan here. If i was to come to okc for a game (no way in hell i would, but if I was to), is there a hotel in town with both central heat and air in addition to indoor plumbing?  If not, then where would be the nearest REI where I could buy quality camping equipment?  (You don't buy camping equipment from Sears down there in the sticks,do you? God forbid, Walmart!)  Thanks in advance, GG.


PS: Your team sucks.  (Not in a gay way, which would be completely acceptable.)

2 years, 11 months ago on Lakers-Nuggets Game 7 open thread


Greetings, Hillbillies and Rednecks.  Denver fan here. One of the many benefits of Vibram FiveFingers is that I can use my toes to post on my iPad, which leaves my hands free to churn butter.  (I suppose down there in the hicks you Okies still buy store bought butter?)  Anyway, it's pleasant to get out of the office during my lunch break. (An office is where educated people work--indoors with cold air, except during carbon offset periods).  Especially since it is bike to work month here in Denver and the old cubicle is a tad pungent. Of course, that smell could be because of my cubicle mate--as a dedicated naturalist she has eschewed all cosmetics, including deodorant.  Her presence used to bother me more, but she has recently agreed to stay in her half of the cubicle for a small price--two pounds of freshly churned butter a day. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Friday Bolts – 5.11.12


How embarrassing for you Okies.  In Denver our parody videos are much more authentic.  As is our life experience in general.  Now, if you'll excuse me, the only somewhat good looking girl in our commune just told me it's my turn.

2 years, 11 months ago on Video: Beard like Harden