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I agree with what's been said in the article. If that's the only argument that Apple has then they got some serious problems. Plus why would the shove last gen hardware in the face of their loyal customers (besides to keep the prices low-ish obviously) while the Nexus 7 has everything up to date with a kick ass price. I say that's an insult to Apple loyalists everywhere and that's coming from someone with a Nexus 7. I mean when you compare real estate with screen sizes then of course Apple wins but if apps and screen size are Apple's best arguments especially with hardware and prices like that, then I say shame on you Apple. However, if it wasn't for all that I would say that the iPad mini is a nice-ish product and a nice change for Apple when comparing to what they said about small tablet a couple of years back but please don't compare your product to an obvious superior product with up to date specs and a lower price until you get your own stuff together.

2 years, 5 months ago on Editorial: Apple Used Their New iPad Mini To Bash The Nexus 7, But Was It Fair?


this could be a good idea. i say make changes to the specs inside the ipod touch models and bring down prices since the current iphone models are more inexpensive (with two year contract) and contain more value seeing that they do everything that the ipod touch does and allows you to make phone calls. if apple can do all that, i say there will be room in the market for a smaller ipad tablet. i mean ipod touches are still great but they don't contain the same value as when they were first released seeing that iphone is becoming less expensive now. i say get rid of them completely but at the same time i say make them less expensive and come out something different. that is where the smaller ipad comes in. however, that's just my opinion.

2 years, 10 months ago on 7.85″ Retina-equipped $200 iPad coming this Fall?