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 @CallChrisNow Considering that it's only a x.x.1 update it brings quite a few changes in functionality. And the fuzz was mostly because the GNex got it before the N4 whereas the Nexii should actually get it at the same time.

2 years, 1 month ago on Android 4.2.2 OTA Rolling Out For The Nexus 4, LTE Users Beware


Every time I see a new keyboard like this (e.g. aswell this "X" Keyboard that was once introduced where you slide around an X to pick the letters) I've so far always thought it's impractical and only innovative for innovation's sake. That's not bad though, I hope this continues and maybe we'll one day see a keyboard that was created with that purpose but is actually very productive and useful.

2 years, 3 months ago on Slice Keyboard Looks Cool But Will Confuse The Hell Out Of You


I hope Google will bring these Gift cards to Europe soon, too. 

2 years, 7 months ago on Google's Play Store Gift Cards To Launch August 26th


Well, if that would be the next step, Apple's lawsuit might acutally be good for something in the end.

In the future, the only devices I will buy are going to be with stock Android anyway because I dislike every single OEM skin for different reasons and I don't want to root a phone that I just bought only because the manufacturer doesn't get their new version of the skin in time with the new Android version. That's also the only reason I rooted my Desire in the first place, I didn't like the Sense version (Froyo) and there was no update coming so I rooted and installed CM7. I simply don't want to be forced to do that.

If Samsung would go with stock Android from now, there would be options for Android purists besides a Nexus and that is about damn time. And updates could be straight ported without Samsung having to take months and months to build some crazy and unnecessary stuff around an OS that's already awesome as it is.

2 years, 7 months ago on Editorial: Could Samsung Be Forced to Lose Touchwiz Altogether?


 @Pira There are the 6 phones you mention, the here mentioned Proto, One X+, Desire C and One XL and the year is not over yet. These are not as many phones as last year, that's true. But they also promised to value quality over quantity. Then there is the Desire C which is exactly the new generation of the Wildfire with a hopelessly overburdened CPU where you can count the days for it to slow down to unusability. And the One V which is actually a good idea to have a lower-end but still performant ICS device but is slowed down as hell by Sense.

In the end nothing has changed, there are high-end phones and the cheap, little more than feature phones. 

Less phones turn out to be released by htc this year but I originally thought this was going to go a different way. After they said they were going to value quality over quantity I thought the One Series would be literally the only phones they would release this year. But I guess sadly the Android world doesn't work that way and to be successfull you have to bash out devices one after the other to some degree.

2 years, 7 months ago on HTC "Proto" Rumored To Hit Later This Year With Marginally Better Specs Than The One V


Oh yeah, HTC with their "We will release less phones this year" policy. Just another PR-lie I guess.

2 years, 8 months ago on HTC "Proto" Rumored To Hit Later This Year With Marginally Better Specs Than The One V


I would wish it was HTC because of the build quality but now that Google inhaled Motorola, I think they should do their own hardware specifically designed for key lime pie (or whatever) to ensure project butter comes out right again

2 years, 8 months ago on Poll: Which Manufacturer Would You Choose To Produce The Next Nexus Phone?


Jelly Bean all the way! I can't wait to get a Galaxy Nexus to enjoy it!

2 years, 9 months ago on Midnight Poll: What Was Your Favorite Announcement at Google I/O?


I'm on CM7.2.0.1 on my original HTC Desire now but I've never had those issues in my whole time I had the device. There's only one problem for me. I have to tell you, I turn on my data-connection only when I need it, so I turn it on and off about 3 times a day in average. After a few weeks it just doesn't turn on anymore, then I have to wipe the cache and it works again. But speed-wise there was never any sloe-down for me. The longest period I was on a Rom was "only" half a year though.

A friend of mine had this issue, though, when he was running CM (I don't know which version) on his Motorola Milestone 1. He had to reflash every week to keep the performance up which eventually made him buy an iPhone 4s.

2 years, 9 months ago on Editorial: How Long Does An Android ROM Last?


ADW Launcher now that I'm on CM7.2 but I will switch for Trebuchet or sth. similar when ICS for the Desire is done.

2 years, 9 months ago on Midnight Poll: Which Launcher Do You Use?


You've got a typo in the headline, it must be "received".

Sincerely, Grammar Nazi ;)

2 years, 9 months ago on Samsung Galaxy S III Receives Official CyanogenMod Nightly Builds