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Come one. How many users that travel to the store are going to be doing these price checks.  And those that are are going to get something at the same magin AMZN has which BBY now assumes is better than losing the customer -- at least at break-even on the item.  More volume probably means they get better wholesale pricing.


Plus BBY has lots of add on services a customer might want to pay extra for. And add-on products like cables that they might be less inclined to price shop on.


Plus more customers might make the trip to BBY if they know they will get just as good deal in the store as online. And once in the store, you will likely buy more than you originally came for. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Best Buy’s Amazon price match is a $400M all-in bet it can’t win


 @chevasb They said Jeff Skilling and all of friends at Enron were smarter than everybody else, too.  

2 years, 11 months ago on Nobody Seems to Understand What Jeff Bezos is Doing. Does He?