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Hi Fred,

By corporate investment I assume you mean non-tech?  Because when I look at the terms that we (Microsoft Bing Fund and the Global Startup Team) puts on deals, they are more entrepreneur friendly than any deal I've seen ... :)   I think the value we bring is exponentially higher than the money as well ... 

I'd like to know if you're speaking historically, or currently - and who in particular -- because as a fellow entrepreneur I generally disagree with the generalization.

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Well, let people enjoy it while it lasts. There is consolidation coming in the startup world, Out of control valuations will be brought down to earth...aquihires are, for the moment, a way out of a potentially painful situation's just another bubble with a different lens. ..and I wish all of these people well on their endeavors, they should feel good about their outcomes.

2 years, 8 months ago on The Acqui-hire Scourge: Whatever Happened to Failure in Silicon Valley?


Great article Trevor.  


I have had the exact same discussion with Chris Devore, quite honestly it's a longer discussion.  Entrepreneurs are motivated by different things.  


I think you'll find there are a number of bright spots in Microsoft ...there are a ton of incredibly smart people in the company, the education level is off the hook. There are a few entrepreneurs, such as myself, that are passionate about the company, the history, and the future.  I admire the founder who has dedicated the rest of his life to make the world better ... there are people who are driven by our love for the company, and our desire to make change in a big way.  


It is true, things can get frustrating in large matrixed environments like MIcrosoft -- but there are many things that makes this company a special place to work, especially if you find your niche.


BTW we are working on some cool things to help startups and entrepreneurs -- stay tuned, my team is having fun :)  ..again great article! 

2 years, 11 months ago on Microsoft Is the Monsanto to Seattle’s Talent