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1. Yes, Ward probably felt that it was ALL his fault for the loss last night. BUT there are plenty reasons why the CAPS lost that game. I AM A DIE HARD CAPS FAN! The main reason the caps lost is that we can't score more than 2-3 goals in a single game. More goals would have been a great cushion against the results of dumb penalty with blood.

2. As a Black woman, who is a die hard caps fan, I AM SICK OF RACIAL COMMENTS BY PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES FANS! It is hard enough for black players to play a traditionally white sport than to have to deal with racial comments on top of playing the game that they love. Normally, I would ignore racial comments but seriously .... fans need to be as classy as Ward and some other players.  I used to work for a pro hockey team and recently I had a conversation with a white coworker (director of player personnel) about racism in hockey. My coworker told me that racism is gone from hockey... and sadly this incident proves that there are still dumb people out there with even dumber ideals!


2 years, 11 months ago on Joel Ward: Hero to Goat, but classy throughout | May