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One thing I noticed is that all of our pitchers have lost velocity over the past two years. Matt Cain is throwing 91mph heaters, voggie and bumgarner are throwing 90, timmy is throwing #@$*(#$ heaters, all over the park. I wonder if it's something Dave Righetti is pushing for in all his pitchers, to either preserver arm strength, or mix it up more with pitches with movement. I still see cain hit 94 if he needs to, but we're just not a pitching staff that throws in the high 92-93s anymore. Even Casilla is seeing only 93mph instead of 95+.

I know pitchers get slower with age, but bumgarner is the craziest to me, he should be getting stronger!

But weirder still is that slower fastballs does not equate to better command. Matt Cain, Voggie, Timmy all have terrible fast ball command right now. balls just drift right over the plate like nobody's business. 

Onto vogelsong though, his game against the braves, he was doing so well in the first few innings so i'd like to think he still has what he had last year. Hitting both corners with great precision. I wonder if the WBC has something to do with it, it just seems like he's tired and leaving many pitches up or way down. I must be seeing things, but I did see fatigue around the fifth inning. 

I do want to say though that I don't consider TImmy/Voggie's good K/9 rates to be an indicator of success. I've watched many Timmy games where people are just t-ing off him because if they succeed, it's a huge inning, if they don't it's a SO. Patient hitters are having a field day with Timmy because most of his pitches, when he's not 100% on just aren't in the strike zone. 

1 year, 11 months ago on Vogeldongs: A look at recent pitchers with spikes in HR-rate


i completely agree with you. his control is just not there, and the only breaking pitch he can reliably get into the strike zone is probably the slider. Honestly, Tim Lincecum doesn't have swing and miss stuff if you're a patient hitter knowing most of his stuff won't even land in the zone. 

1 year, 11 months ago on Lincecum’s trouble with the fastball


the weirdest thing to me is why the LF is so far back. I have never seen Zito hit anything that far out,

2 years ago on Zito’s magic wand