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Good article.  I think most Magic fans were on to this.  The award is almost a dis to Ryan- kind of like he wasn't that good to begin with.  Truth is, he allowed us to get rid of Rashard Lewis, and was outplaying him in the end.  Ryan is one of the best young players in the leauge, and he just kept doing what he's been doing.


The MIP award is a strange animal.  You either win like Ryan did- getting more playing time.  Maybe the voters realize that it's easier to do something in short bursts, and to keep up those averages over longer minutes is tough.  Either way, it's nice to see Ryan get some love.  He's one of the nicest guys in the league, and comes from a great family.


(I met his mom at the NBA jam session this year- sweetest lady!)

2 years, 11 months ago on Ryan Anderson wins NBA’s “Minutes Increased Per Game” Award


Are you on crack?!?!?  Cameron Wake has been one of the premier pass rushers for the last 2 years, and was the reason Joey Porter became expendable.  He was earned All Pro honors, and would have double digit sacks if we had anything resembling another pass rusher on the team.


Yes, we could have drafted unproven DE's in this year's draft instead of Tannehill.  Quinton Coples looks good in his underwear, but has "Vernon Gholsten" written all over him.  Melvin Ingram was productive, but he's short, and wouldn't fit at DE in our 4-3 front.  Fletcher Cox is very similar to Jared Odrick, and do we really need to spend more early round draft picks on our d-line??  


Congrats to the Fins for finally taking a QB that has a chance to be elite.  Does Tannehill have bust potential?  Sure- but he's got a much higher celing than John Beck, Chad Henne, and any of the other hacks who've walked through our revolving QB door.


You lose all credibility when you rant about not signing Langford instead.  I like Kendall as much as anyone, but he's a 3-4 end with little to no pass rush.  We can't get to the QB, and you would rather keep the guy who comes off the field in passing situations??  Not signing Langford was a great move.   We've got guys behind him that are just as good (Starks, Odrick, McDaniel).  Yes, he's young, but he's peaked, and we need pass rushers- not run stuffers!


Langford is our second coming of Kenny Mixon and Lorenzo Bromell- two good young DE's we drafted in the 90's (same year) who we let walk after their rookie deals.  The funny thing is the Vikings signed them both, and neither one did much after that.  


And did you really knock JT's accomplishments??  It seems like you've implied that JT had decent numbers, so why shouldn't Wake?  Well, JT is a HOF DE, and one of the all time sack leaders.  He's one of the best to ever play the position, so just because he can do something, doesn't mean any hack can.


Wake has played light's out since coming to us.  He was highly sought after coming from the CFL, and we were lucky to get him.  This signing sends the right message to our locker room that if you play well, you will get paid.  Next time you want knock the Dolphins signing one of our best and hardest working players, take a moment to remove your head from your *ss before you type.


-Big J

2 years, 11 months ago on Cameron Wake: A Fan's Commentary | May