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I would have put Ghost Light on the list on place of Greatest Show in the Galaxy but that's what makes it a good list. McCoy's tenure on the show is almost a Rorschach test for fans, an exercise in  getting to the heart of what it is they personally love (or hate) about Doctor Who rather than any kind of universal absolutes. In some ways, Dragonfire is the story that best exemplifies this for me, combining as it does brilliance and nonsense in terms of both scripting and execution. Some of the dialogue is among the best in the show's history, while other elements of the script are simply cringe-worthy. Likewise, for every moment where the production design makes you forget that this was made on a scant BBC drama budget, there's another that seems almost designed to provide all the cliches about wobbly sets and so forth. I don't always like it, but I love it.

4 months ago on The Seventh Doctor: Five Favourites


"Another issue fans might have with the second story is that the ideas used might go over their head. It’s very abstract in a sense and hard to wrap your head around it if you’re not used to it this level of creativity." - I would respectfully suggest to Mr. Behr that impugning the intelligence of the likely listeners might not be the most effective means of criticizing a story.

4 months, 1 week ago on Review: The Fifth Doctor Box Set (Spoiler-Free)


When/where did SImm say this? I'd be curious to know what he actually said about the role rather than just reading an interpretation from someone who seems to have a bias against the writer who scripted his episodes.

5 months ago on McGann: Charles Dance Would Be a Great Master


@The Finn If you found Dance's roles unmemorable, I dare say you just haven't watched the right ones yet. Putting aside the very recent Game of Thrones, his standout roles include the terrific 2005 BBC production of Bleak House and the Terry Pratchett/Discworld miniseries Going Postal.

5 months, 1 week ago on McGann: Charles Dance Would Be a Great Master


@YaelMoise @wetsun More to the point, why does it need to be explained? The fact that the sixth Doctor looked just like the guard commander on Gallifrey who shot the previous Doctor was never explained, despite the fact that it was an era in the show's production history where explaining away a continuity question was seen as sufficient grounds to commission a story. Put another way, if the regime that commissioned "Attack of the Cybermen" didn't feel the need to explain the current Doctor looking exactly like a supporting character from a couple seasons back, surely the current team can do so as well.

6 months ago on WHOops! When Doctor Who Gets It Wrong