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   W/O an above-average defensive backfield we are dead-in-the-water in 2013. High-scoring teams will do just that to us no matter how good our offense is. And I, for one, certainly hope that the TE position is not an afterthought during this coming draft and FA season. I will not comment on signing FA's already on the team. It seems to me that the coaches pretty well know what they have and whether it's in the best interest of the team to retain them. From a pragmatist point of view, Reggie's veteran leaderskip skills would seem to be something we'd want to keep if a team-friendly contact can be reached. And in the late-rounds, we might keep in mind that two of our LB's are beginning to get a bit long-in-the-tooth.For what it's worth, I wouldn't resign SS for over $3 mil. - if that. He can't intercept, can't tackle, and doesn't disrupt anyone. Other than that  .....................!!   Go Dolphins........





2 years, 2 months ago on Dolphins need playmakers to solve problems in the air


Random thoughts on a variety of issues:

The more Karlos talks, the more he sounds like Joey.

And old Marine saying: "Mine is not to question why, mine is but to do or die !"

Not even into the season yet and a large contingent of

"loyal" fans have criticized everything except the scoreboard.

If JI and JP agree that you are more of a deficit than an

asset - pack you bags doofus - and hit the bricks !

And last, but close to least, Did you think this would be easy after 11 years of neglect, rust, and bad attitudes ? 




2 years, 8 months ago on What's should the Dolphins next move be? | August


In blog jargon Brian, you might consider following a lead sentence in a piece like his with (IMO). The entire piece is opinion, which is fine, but I feel it's based on personal taste without research. We all have opinions, and your's is as good as any - other than management's, of course. Keep the current colors ( IMO ). Be happy and keep writing.

2 years, 10 months ago on Miami Dolphins Need Logo Change


Between Jameer and J J, and if you could only keep one, who would it be ? They're roughly equal in salary currently, and we are definitely a rebuilding team, albeit one with no money to spend. As far as The Dwight Saga goes - don't let the door leave an imprint on your keister Dwight !

2 years, 10 months ago on Decision day for Jameer Nelson delayed | June


@AlexSmith To: Alex And you know this how ?

2 years, 10 months ago on A new twist in the Dwight Howard saga | June


I have considered the Magic an exercise in futility the last 4 years. I believe that Stan did his best with what he had to work with. I think Otis should have been put in charge of concessions from the beginning. I believe that the Current CEO is good at his job which has nothing to do with basketball. I believe that Dwight needs to seek fortune and adulation elsewhere. The tail absolutely cannot wag the dog !!! I am clueless as the rest of you as to who could be brought in to fashion a team with excellent chemistry, skills, and desire. What I do know is that we are a team that is in a rebuilding phase. I much preferred "Heart & Hustle" knowing that we wern't going to the finals than the current crop of mediocre "making- 8" guys we have now. At least trade JJ so he can bring desire to a new team. Nuff' said !

2 years, 10 months ago on Examining the 2012 Magic in the clutch | June


I can appreciate that many among us have a difficult time with the team being in a rebuilding mode. I was also against bringing Manning here too. While I grasp Tyler's argument that we need veterans on the club ( obviously ), we don't need distractions. Of any kind ! Recall that many clubs ( including us ) will be releasing many veterans that will be available in the late summer. I honestly think we are set with our current roster until about 35 current player's weed themselves out during training-camp. But, it's just an opinion and a feeling just like the rest of you.

2 years, 10 months ago on Bring Chad Ochocinco To The Miami Dolphins


Those among us who feel we, somehow, need the glitz of a "name" or marquee WR, should join those who loved Henne until the bitter-end. Obviously, I could be wrong, but I just don't feel that it's JP's philosophy to have that kind of player on his " team ". I feel that we can rest assured that whomever becomes our WR's will be able to catch the damn' ball ! But I do hope that those who feel we need to rebuild this team with those player's who were great, but are now at the end-time of their career's, will go with the thinking of the coaching staff and mgt., and loose the thought of signing anyone over the age of 30-31. If they do, make it a one year contract contingent on winning the job. We have not yet become the "Raider's". Of course, all rules are less than hardfast in emergencies.

2 years, 10 months ago on Bring Chad Ochocinco To The Miami Dolphins


Trade Dwight !  They're all mercenaries anyway,  not to mention Prima Donna's.

 Start a new 3-year rebuilding program. Bring in a proven coach that has the

backing of the executives and won't let the wolves run the hen-house. Bring in

a youngish GM  with an eye for talent and something to prove. It will take, at

least, 3 years to outlive the outrageous salaries they are paying "Journeymen"

now. It takes two star's to win, but they don't have to be superstars. And by the

way, a recent article asked if Carmelo was an elite player ?  Please !!  There

are few elite players ( read that well-rounded in professional and private life ) .

Let's get back to "Heart and Hustle".  Show em' how Bo' !!  In the meantime, I

am so disgusted with the team and mgt. that I won't be watching much until they

can fix it. And lastly- Bye Dwight - and don't let the door...........well, you know !!!

2 years, 11 months ago on Van Gundy and Smith are out, but Dwight still could be too | May


   Apparently I am in the minority wanting Otis to be one of the first ones to leave

the team as well ?  It is of no consequence to me if Otis is friends, long-time acquaintances, or strangers to new players if he has adequately evaluated the players. (IMO) Otis has twice, at least, made trades that seem to have been detrimental to team chemistry. As for Dwight, I have just tired of his habitual myopia. However, he is not alone in the league in his expression of his mighty omnicience.

I just hate it when the keys to the car ( meaning the team ) are handed over to the most immature member of the family. I'm very close to to abandoning the team and the league. True, I have never personally attended a game ( personal finances could be better), but I ( to this point ) am very loyal, buy some gear every year to show my loyalty, and hope that the team can move forward.  I don't presume to know the answers to the Magic's problem's, but I wish them the absolute best. The Old Man

must have a heavy heart.


2 years, 11 months ago on Magic Wands: Stan Van Gundy's swan song? | May