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Put the phone face down on a table. Does the case touch the table or does the screen of the phone touch the table?

2 years, 7 months ago on The SGP Ultra Thin Air Case for the Galaxy S3 [Video]


For the keyboard sideloading you have to go to settings > security > unknown sources(enable this by checking this). If you don't have that checked then the ONE X won't allow you to sideload apps.


Recommended keyboards: swype, swiftkey beta 3


Browser: Dolphin browser HD


SMS/MMS: Go sms pro.


You might by content with your current stock browser/texting apps but you don't realize how more useful/functional they are until you use the ones I just suggested!

2 years, 11 months ago on 30 days with the Enemy: HTC One X (Day 10)


Keyboard: Swiftkey beta 3 (download from swiftkey's website) or swiftkey x (from the play store)

I personally use Swype(, it makes "typing" with one hand very easy and fast but it takes getting use to. But swiftkey keyboards have the best auto correction/prediction!


Texting: Go sms pro.

Very customizable and adds a convenient text pop up to your screen when a text arrives


Browser: Dolphin browser HD.

This browser is a must as you aren't getting the full Android experience with Chrome because Chrome doesn't have flash. With dolphin browser HD there is tons more content available because of its flash compatibility. I find flash very useful to watch live sports on websites that (illegally) offer live video streams for sports.

(Lets face it, the majority of the internet hasn't converted to HTML5 yet, so why should you limit yourself to only being able to use HTML5?


Quick-change-settings: Switchpro


Launcher: Nova Launcher.

Want to get the feel of pure android as far as your home screen goes? try Nova Launcher

2 years, 11 months ago on 30 days with the enemy: HTC One X (Day 4)