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Besides using interpolate incorrectly, if you can't understand half the writing, how can you possibly have an intelligent opinion about it? If she has no ground to stand on about "unevidenced assumptions" then you're dog paddling with your baseless accusation that they changed gender to be more successful at their job.  The fact that you already know how much cognitive bias there is in a book that hasn't been released yet is amazing though, Nostradamus.  

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It isn't the cupcake, it's the morons trying to sell them to the public at $2-4 bucks a pop. 

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Can hardly wait for the Fletcher Jones Motor Cars, Mercedes Benz promo all these guys are in to be broadcast during the SC Final. Come on, someone has to be lining them up for fleet priced Benz's right?

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Is there a group of fans outside of Vancouver who whine more than Coyote fans? It's one thing to wear rose colored glasses, but every....single....penalty against them is wrong, and apparently the Kings should be called for about 12 more penalties a game according to them. In one breath they say Brown should have been able to pull up, and that it was a dirty hit and should be suspended 7 games, while with the other they say Doan couldn't have possibly held up from hitting Lewis, and Hanzal shouldn't have been suspended. Give me the Blues fans anyday.

2 years, 11 months ago on TRH Playoff Gameday 5 - Phoenix Coyotes: Wagons Ho! | May


Do you realize how silly this sounds? Based on what you say, they shouldn't give credentials to the opposing city's media., Sorry you don't cover the Blues regularly, so no credentials for you! You do realize that Grantland is part of ESPN right? That Katie Baker has been their national weekly hockey columnist? God forbid the Blues pull off a miracle 4 game comeback against the Kings and then make the Cup, where would they put all the resulting media who might want to cover such an event? Not like there were 100+ journalists covering the NBA Finals last year...some not even from the United States, because how could they fit them all inside the tiny arena?

2 years, 11 months ago on How to not get media credentials in one easy tweet | April