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Nobody is moving from a big 5 conference for 4 years.  The next serious round of negotiations will be when the Big12 TV rights deal expires in 5 years.  Which means the rumors / negotiations start in 4 years.

2 years, 11 months ago on New ACC Deal Should Hush Rumors Of Teams Leaving


 @John at MrSEC I was just confirming your opinion.  I agreed with pretty much everything you wrote and it was outlined in each of my points.


My last point on this: the granting of rights means absolutely nothing to the long term impact of the league.  A 6 year deal that is already one year into and the 6th year is worthless (it's the buyout for exiting the Big12).  So it's essentially a 4-year deal and Oklahoma and Okie will start looking at new deals with 2 years remaining.  So congrats, the Big12 is rock solid, for 2 years.  Then this all starts up all over again.


I find it hilarious that a long term TV contract somehow locks a school to a conference.  I didn't realize every school that has moved has done so only when the TV contract had already expired.  :)

2 years, 11 months ago on Here We Go Again: As Summer Starts, Realignment Chatter Heats Up


A move by an ACC team to the Big12 makes zero sense.

1. Geographically it's a mess.

2. The ACC is rock solid.  The Big12 is still in flux.  Oklahoma and Okie State both hate Texas and would be in the Pac12 right now if they hadn't been rebuffed. 

3. The money isn't that much better in the Big12 to destroy their own history.

4. Orangebloods lies.  They have an agenda to boost Texas, that's fine.  They lied repeatedly throughout aTm moving and Missouri moving.  The absolute LAST website to believe is anything coming from Orangebloods. 

5. Believe what you want but Iowas State, Kansas and Kansas State would jump to the Big10 in a heart beat if asked.  That's how fragile the Big12 is at the moment.  They are scared to death of the Big12 falling apart and have been living under the threat for 2 years.  Oklahoma and Texas have options, ISU, KU and KSU are facing the Mountain West if the Big12 falls apart. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Here We Go Again: As Summer Starts, Realignment Chatter Heats Up