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 @kgelner US taxes higher that Europe? Untrue by a long shot. Our taxes are near historic lows for most of the 20th century. We can argue about how they are distributed, but truly our burden is very, very light. And while our corporate tax rate is higher, it is rarely paid at that rate due to the extensive loopholes in our system.


As a middle-aged guy, I make more money now than I ever did. And I pay less in taxes than I ever did before. Do I appreciate it? Not at all. I'd much rather see my public infrastructure cared for, and my military reduced.

2 years, 11 months ago on What Eduardo Saverin Owes America (Hint: Nearly Everything)


I recall that IHTFP could euphemistically stand for "Institute has the finest professors" when I was an undergrad there about a million years ago. I couldn't stand the place myself; I worked as a Boston-area musician and only went on campus when absolutely necessary!

2 years, 11 months ago on PandoList: MIT All-Stars