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 @TiP_Cam  @solo973 the new gs3 is bigger that iphone(check)

gs3 has got a bigger screen(check)

gs3 is LIGHTER than iphone(check as well)



whats ur problem???

its lighter and has got a bigger screen!!

dude u were there so u got a hold of it and played with it for what an hour or two. and u have been using an iphone for a long time so obviously u will find a bigger screen less to ur liking. sart using a bigger sccreen and u wont be able to go back bec i have seen aron beker leaving iphone and taking galaxy note as his primary device bec of the sole reason that he misses a bigger screen when at first he was saying that the phone is freakishly large and very likely to succeed in the market.

2 years, 11 months ago on Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 4S – Spec Sheet comparison


na there u r wrong again my friend...

its not just the specs and coverage that i have seen and saying all those. i have been using android as my primary os since quite a few time. yes when it came it was glitchy and laggy and used to get stuck. but with better hardware and newer version of os it has been reduced a lot. 

ios isnt laggy or glitchy and thats bec its a os which works for a single hardware specifically made for it. if apple will sell ios and other manufacture will built device based on ios the fate will be the same as android.

ok now all that said, previous year people started buying htc sensation(and i consider my self luck that i didnt) thinking that it has got good built quality and a better processor and all but when GS2 was release it blew sensation right out of the windows.


even this time the same thing is goin to happen.

exynos is much more powerfull and its a quad core as well. and the absence of compaion core will drain battery is what people are saying, but thats not true. individual core voltage can be adjusted in this A9 architecture as it is done in tegra 3. so it is more efficient.

u r not happy with samsung GS3, fine, i am not aswell.

but i just dont like ur article, thats all.

2 years, 11 months ago on Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 4S – Spec Sheet comparison


dude u know how to write an article showing apple all high and mighty!!

if ur aple is so generous in spreading its technology to its competitors then why the hell it goes on firing law suits every now and then!! 

u people dont care about the depth of the os, dont care about the hardware, dont care about the product till there is a apple written on it and always give loads of crap about fluidity and simplicity!!


go play with your toys guys, before coming up and writting article about how samsung is copying apple and its ecosystem and how it should try and enhance google product(read ur article once again, samsung is a company not a charity business).

2 years, 11 months ago on Samsung Galaxy SIII event - taking a leaf, or three from Apple's book


u dont like touch wiz, u dont like samsung, u dont like how they feel, and u perhaps dont even use android as ur primary os. dont u think its a bit unfair for u to comment on something that u doesnt like to start with.

ok may be for u harware isnt anything(or may be u r denying it bec apple is outperformed here) but for many people hardware and the system architecture matters a lot. specially with ics the os has become very smooth and that exynos quad core of GS3 is going to make it buttery smooth.

and i really dont think that u should comment on android phones saying that u dont like them bec u love apple when ur site name itself is "todaysiphone"!!

2 years, 11 months ago on Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 4S – Spec Sheet comparison