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I am a card carrying "gold" Starbucks member. I go just about everyday and ALWAYS bring my own reusable cup. Granted its made from plastic, but at least I dont use the disposable ones they provide. FYI: If you bring your own cup Starbucks gives you $.10 off your drink. 

Before I bought the reusable cups I would save the plastic cups which are #5s and bring them to whole foods for recycling in the Gimme 5 Bin. It would be great to get Starbucks to team up with the people at Preserve Products who provide those bins to offer in store (plastic) cup and lid recycling.  

2 years, 9 months ago on Starbucks Trash: Behind the Scenes


I was looking into the luggage issue myself the other night. After much searching I decided the best, cheapest and most eco friendly thing to do would be to try and get the luggage fixed. I read that many places that fix shoes have the right equipment to fix certain luggage tears. If that doesnt work then Ill try for secondhand luggafe like Beth suggests. If all else fails there are certain "eco friendly" options out there you can look up on google like this place - 

Good luck!

2 years, 11 months ago on Plastic-Free Progress Report: Sarah Schmiechen