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"A piece of content, such as a short story or freelance article, tends to become broken and diminished as it passes through the email chain. What may have been a good, clear story can get ruined by the edits added by each new person..."


"Submittable users can push a button and get their message across. “No, we don’t want to run this article” and “Sweet Cthulhu, this is the best thing we’ve ever read!” can both be conveyed with one click of the mouse instead of an individual email..."


"With Submittable, the message stays safe in a central database that everyone can view, comment, and act on without screwing with the original message. The tool has been repurposed to serve a number of verticals, from the previously-mentioned articles and stories to songs and videos and resumes."


Sounds like Google Wave with more buttons to click.

2 years, 5 months ago on Submittable raises $750K to replace email (for real this time)


Very interesting... Again 10gen's business people make the right moves. Precog definitely sounds exciting.


"...both platforms are built to natively work with the JSON query language."


FYI: JSON is not a query language, it's a data format used for serialization.

2 years, 5 months ago on Precog takes its data analysis tools to MongoDB to spread the word about Quirrel


"If you really believe the economy runs on “thank you’s” and not money, you might be a smanker."


Sounds like somebody's a Vaynerchuk hater...

2 years, 7 months ago on You Might Be A Smanker If…