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Maybe Samsung should pay Apple the billion dollars with Monopoly money

1 year, 11 months ago on Apple's Apology To Samsung Purposefully Hidden From View Without Scrolling


a camera on the backing not needed as most people that carry a tablet around has a phone with a better camera and that is more comfortable to hold while taking pictures.

2 years ago on Editorial: Apple Used Their New iPad Mini To Bash The Nexus 7, But Was It Fair?


@Neph eat has the exclusivity for the pc and for the Xbox, PlayStation & Wii.

2 years ago on Gameloft Releases NFL Pro 2013 Into Google Play, Available For Free


Why didn't Samsung's attorneys catch that, they had copies, they couldn't read the whole sentence to the jury. Next Apple will sue Google for calling their map program Google Maps as it infringes on their map program called Maps.

2 years ago on New court documents hint at Samsung not exactly copying Apple


@JimBobVII For now it's so you can have more apps opened at the same time and switch back to them faster. But in the future your phone can stream a whole HD movie in the background while you start watching it then jump to Twitter or Facebook (if they are still relevant) comment on the movie while it's playing in a window or something.

2 years ago on Samsung Planning To Release Smartphone With 3GB Of RAM Next Year?