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@zz Totally agree. 

Around here people use the old audi EA 837 engines to create 1900cc 300 to 500ish street 4cyl engines too, its at least intersting to watch (they build also 1000hp in full race trim out of the same engines, for drag racing into the 7 to 8 second range) 

1 week ago on Brick Heaven: <br />Our Top Volvo 240 Picks From Elmia


@JakWhite @D1RGE EXE Biggest issue on such conversion is having space for the gearbox, but the regulations allow alteration of the transmission tunnel to a certain extent (probably to allow fitment of some of the well known motorsport gearboxes) and i believe the car benefits of that. Once you move the fuel tank inside the car there`s little in the way of fitting the transmission shaft, rear diff and so on

1 week, 3 days ago on Welcome Back Tanner: <br />How To Make A VW Passat Drift


@mugshotmarlry As far as i remember (and i might be wrong) it can be any way you want it , the mandatory is that it still fits at the original mounting points, same for control arms, and so on (adjustability not restricted , tough, like the voodoo or geomasters stuff)

1 week, 3 days ago on Welcome Back Tanner: <br />How To Make A VW Passat Drift


@JakWhite I agree with you on the race stuff X street stuff thing, no car on formula drift is alike its road counterpart. We can look at nascar, there`s a "camry" body shell there.

But i dont see people complaining that the fusion or camry arent RWD V8s , i see guys enjoying their street cars and dreaming about the track variants...

I myself built a FWD to RWD based on what i have seen in pictures and videos of Mr. Papadakis work, because the place i live (brazil) simply doesn`t have all the cool RWD japanese cars on a reasonable price... I think sometimes people just don`t understand what a car like this passat can mean for somebody watching the formula drift streaming on the other side of the world.

1 week, 3 days ago on Welcome Back Tanner: <br />How To Make A VW Passat Drift


great story!

In the meantime, you could show us another of his cars, one that is already finished (and that is not a miata, for obvious apoiler reasons)

3 weeks, 1 day ago on Mazda Body, Honda Bike Heart:</br> A Shedology Swap


It is definitely a peek inside someones mind, very intersting car. I can understand it

But, without any hate on these words, if we let all the prejudice out of the expression, this car literally has Race Inspired Cosmethic Enhancements, doesn't?

Again im not talking bad about it, it is a great car, i'd daily driver it and i bet it is fun to do so!

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Yogi’s Super Sedan: Is Race Car A Style?


As always, good work Dino, you write quick snap-features far better than some full articles we see out there!

Can i suggest something for 2015? A take on a bosozoku lifestyle meeting, for all the bad guys and bad girls watching speedhunters!

Also, we need another dekotora feature, perhaps a night meeting so we can enjoy the lights?

c'mon, i can't be the only one here into this stuff, am i?

1 month, 1 week ago on A Kenmeri For The Family


@Mike Garrett @sivis

The L5 audi makes me think a L5 volvo out of a S60 or XC70 would be awesome too lol 

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Project Crown: A Long Overdue Update


Hey Mike, whats up? Here`s my 2 cents.

Some time ago, when you presented the project to everybody out here, you mentioned that the costs would be of concern. I am guessing you opened up your engine choices based on some funds acquired by 1) selling the supra and 2) the time gap that passed and allowed you to "breathe" financially.

Considering this, i would go for some simple thoughts.

First: A toyota Straight Six ( the NA 2J) would be a fitting engine since we know there`s room, and as nice as it would seem to be with an auto gearbox, a manual would give it character. Cruising in a manual isn`t a pain (if you aren`t on traffic or racing, when you reach 5th/6th gear you really dont have to worry about the gearbox anymore...) and it would allow you for occasional sideways fun. I dont know what would be the running costs (considering a proper japanese engine isn`t manitenance prone...) but i believe they`re low in NA form. My concern with this kind of engine is getting the newest one possible (since i dont know when they ended production).

For the v8: talking to a drifting friend we discussed how the LS series is such a great engine considering affordability because it makes safe good power. An original LS v8 ( haters gonna hate)  packs a good number of horses, delivers them smoothly and costs low on the long run (please, you`re keeping the wagon, right?), especially if you are in the US (hell we are seriously considering building a drift car in engine-forsaken-brazil with it! and it would cost us almost 5 times what it costs you , considering taxes, shipping, etc). Almost double the power of the NA 2J for not-double the price (checked quickly online and found a suposedly low mileage LS with transmission and harness on ebay for around 5000, not bad?)

About electric/wiring: an EMS isn`t exactly that expensive (even garage builds around here run one...) or overcomplex. You have access to lots of partners, i am certain you can be easily hooked up with good professionals who can explain the process and install it for you.

Comparing the two engines with simple statistics (average manitenance cost, average power, power to weight ratio , avaliability of parts) makes them very alike, but being the v8 far easier to source, i think it would be a good choice.

Unless you`re looking for style, then go 2J NA with ITBs and a fancy EFI and shaved engine bay, because that would look banana-balls-crazy! 8D

anyway, i`m calling shotgun first! 

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Project Crown: A Long Overdue Update


When featuring Daigo`s GTR, dont forget to feature mr. Nishida`s GTR too! The fighter plane livery looks amazing!

2 months, 1 week ago on Step Inside Daigo’s Man Cave


Save for the differences in the way things (laws and stuff) go in different countries, parts hunting in brazil is a much much simmilar game. Don`t expect a good price on import cars though, usually the more exotic up goes the price, to the point that some pull-a-parts doesnt even realize they sell somethings for more than the dealership asks...

And the myth that the "dealership prices are too high" is so consistent, that people often buy overpriced parts from smartasses on the street...

3 months, 1 week ago on Parts Hunting In China


Hey Dino, nice bunch of cars you selected! But... "... every Tsukuba time attack event I go to..." now you owe us more time attack coverage!

Aaaaaand , come xmas ago you told this kid about off roading in Japan, hows that going?

4 months ago on 5 Must-See Time Attack Weapons</br> From Tsukuba


@Speedhunters_Bryn @mbretschneider Then gimme another Dr. Pepper from the box, turn up the stereo and let us hit Toys R Us and the dragstrip!

4 months, 4 weeks ago on Just Don’t Call It A Rat Rod…


Thanks for the reply, mate. I have a piston powered mazda and often i thing of overcoming the harshness of the procedures (importing, taxes, registration...) and having my own set of rotors. Any 13b would do the job, i believe... would just need some tips with the tuning (i am not much familiar with the trailing-leading thing)...

5 months ago on A Bridgeported Party In The Rear


Does anyone can tell me the name of those elaborated knots they hang on the rear view mirros? I would love to buy some...

Dino, you're the resident japanese, any hint?

5 months ago on VIPs & Renegades: Vegas By Night


After a week of showcar builds (and i know they have their value too), to see something build just for fun win the showcar attention is just the laid back and relaxing thing i needed for the weekend

I drive a drift car, but my 5yo self would love this car!

5 months ago on Just Don’t Call It A Rat Rod…


Not my cup of tea, though a very intersting car down to the detail level. Something really different, as stated before by other users!

Now, does anyone know the price of a running 13b N/A? I wish i could import one for my build...

5 months ago on A Bridgeported Party In The Rear


Sorry if i am asking for too much, but: why we get a fourth page filled with bonus images from the features and articles around the year and we dont have the "Bonus Images!" page of the biggest industry show in the US?

5 months, 1 week ago on When SEMA Goes Old School


Sir Moss, could you tell me what is your favourite car to drive? Big powerful muscle or a nimble and agile featherweight? Are there brand new modern cars that you want to drive or you preffer the classics?

6 months, 2 weeks ago on Ask Stirling Moss: <br/>The Legend Wants Your Questions


Couldnt agree more!

Most of people push for extra high power numbers but forget about driveability (not tomention reliability and so on...)

in our local scene, 201m drag vws from the 80's often boast three to four times the stock engine power but handle like shopping carts with cut springs...

There are small opel from the 80s used as drift cars and people dont ever run less than ethanol+20psi combo on the engines, but again saving dependability and driveability as the very last items (if ever) to be looked at

6 months, 3 weeks ago on A GT-R For The Street & Track… By Nismo


Can anyone transcript the whole "people live life in peace" phrase on the side of the car? I think i am missing some of the text that i can`t figure from these pictures alone

Also, Kato-san is , as always, a very inspiring man!

6 months, 3 weeks ago on One Pissed Off Bat:</br> The LB Works Murciélago


Those guys are the coolest! The atmosphere they created at the forums, the "global" feeling driftworks has is well represented on their build, a japanese chassis, with an american engine, built in europe... this car is just amazing!

6 months, 4 weeks ago on V8 Hachirockin': The Angriest 86 Ever


Thats my kind of muscle!

7 months ago on Feathers Ruffled: The 2JZ Mopar


Wasn't the same event you covered last year that was also on a rainy day and (unfortunately) happened just a little before the death of gtr-otaku Paul Walker's death?

7 months ago on The Tuning Parts Of R’s Meeting


If you ever read this, Stephan Papadakis, you are my hero as a builder!

I am finishing a FWD to RWD conversion (street legal, full trim, etc) on a FF car all because of your drift builds. I live in Brazil, we dont have the fun rwd japanese cars (almost zero range of miata, silvia and so on) besides some motorsports-only-no-street-legal-rare-expensive-imports and i took inspiration on all the articles (SH, MotoIQ) features, facebook page and built with my own hands this car

Its been 18 heavy months on me, family and bank account, but i regret nothing. This much is how you can inspire a builder/racer on the other side of the world. Keep rocking, you`re awesome and deserve it!

7 months, 1 week ago on Interviewing The Sport Compact Legend


indeed, i think if i had to had a ferrari or other nonsense of the likes, it MUST be from liberty walk

7 months, 2 weeks ago on Liberty Walk & The 458 Challenge


@speedhunters_dino @mbretschneider As said, its a great place to live overall

It would just be better if we could legalize things, people would feel more comfy. 99% of the time nobody checks your car properly, even at registration.. but if somebody checks, it will be taken right on because its totally illegal

I know a bucketload of guys who would gladly pay more in registration fees/taxes if they could have their cars the way they want (also , would be a better way of raising public money, instead of just applying felony/fee to a mis-regulated situation, because fees bring hate to the table...)

7 months, 2 weeks ago on Meeting The Angry Pandas


In brazil you cant up the power or displacement over 10%. Bigger than 2 liter you go on heavy taxes, you are FORBIDDEN to change your brakes, engine swaps that infer on the aforementioned rules are also forbidden. Imports MUST be brand new or 20+ years older, you pay thrice the price of a single import on taxes. RWD cars are pratically non-existant too , aside for some old machines or the occasional bmw/mercedes or semi-trucks.

Yet still, people are gearheads, trackdays are around, everybody do the mods and even the authorities turn a blind eye to the mods, since everybody likes their cars with a little spice

Great country to live in, i must say, but really the car-related regulations and speed limits are a joke

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Meeting The Angry Pandas


go mental, twincharged but still energy efficient like those new vw engines... absolute torque with high horsepower and crazy noises

7 months, 4 weeks ago on Mustang RTR: The Next Stage


I mean, you even considered black?
if it was a sleeper, i could agree, but LaSupra is all out fury, must be green!

8 months ago on You Decide: LaSupra Is Asking…


"simple and fun from a car most people have completely forgotten about"

Thats definitely something more people should do! thre are many cars that are often overlooked!

8 months, 1 week ago on A Civic Shuttle That Proves There’s More Than One Way To Have Fun


Off topic: can anybody enlighten me why over the past weeks we have seen many builds where one or more turbos feed big horsepower engines without intercoolers? (Like the thousandish hp volvo amazon or the two-thousandish hp ford escort from the v8 theme readers ride)

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Don’t Hate On V8s


A v8 would be so hard to source and service here, that i would go full-exoctic with the VK45 anyday!

8 months, 3 weeks ago on V8 Swapping: Choose Your Weapon


In brazil, engine swaps are illegal (though plenty, its barely neglected by law agents). The most popular tuning engines are 1600 to 1800cc VW Engines from the 80s (like the old turbo volvo engines in the swedish scene). 

These engines are cheap, easy to find and easy to source on performance parts. In fact, so easy it is, that on an overhaul, the price to build it with all forged internals good to 500+ hp and stock internals is basically the same.

Those engines have a ton of enthusiaist and are the equivalent (locally) of the plentitude and ease-of-use of the V8 in the american scene.

What i believe that is part of the v8 rant (the same as they rant about the "AP VW" engine we have here) is because people actually see it as a shortcut to reliable power , but they see it from their POV only.

A 1960s v8 here, on carbs, making somewhat 300ish hp costs around 10.000 USD, with nowhere-to-find parts, so yeah, a turbo 4-banger is our reliable power on local standards and everything else is seen as exotic, and everything VW+turbo is seen as "cheapass shortcut"

I think if most of the people account for that to get an american v8 in japan, europe or latin america is a big pain regarding PRICE, accessibility, imports, smog certification... that a v8 swap in those places isnt exactly a shortcut, but as much work as tuning the original engine of the car! if not more! A v8 swap in here (and i believe in asia too) would be such a pain that people would drool over it for certain!, and certainly the turbo is the "easy way" around here

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Don’t Hate On V8s


@Paul link us the build thread man! I usually dont mess with engines that have double the cylinders (aren't widely avaliable and engine swaps are illegal where i live) , but hell i want a VH/VK engine!

8 months, 3 weeks ago on The V8 Swap Theme Continues:<br /> Readers’ Rides


The fabrication is amazing, and well executed

But i can't stop thinking that if it was anyone other than a japanese who pulled that stunt, he/she would be crucified and burned , then blown to smitherings. (notice that i didn't said that it is bad, but it would be viewed as a bad thing if it came from elsewere in the world, and i have noticed this kind of prejudice many times on the automotive culture groups)

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Get Funky: 180SX Meets Camaro


The M3 ! the simple aero is something i want for my car too! 

9 months, 2 weeks ago on The Cars of June


Great article, as always Taryn, godspeed on your travels!

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Drive Your Dream


Congratulations on the fathership, god bless!

Now, where do i find that onboard video from LaSupra?

10 months ago on So Much Speed To Hunt, So Little Time


This is mental, i love it! I myself would run something like that to carry parts around...

I`m crazy for digital dashes and displays, does anyone around here know what dashboard is that? where i can buy something like that? 

10 months, 1 week ago on The VW Caddy From Hell


i think the more competitive it gets, the more sponsorship, more power, etc, it all makes more difficult to achieve bigger results

And i could also agree that drifting has an important position in motorsports, like the freestyle motocross has in bikesports. 

The important thing is keeping drift FUN ! i think some more regulations wouldn't hurt , but not powerwise, please, i think one cool thing about drifting are the "free" engines and chassis , i truly love cars like Papadakis/Aasbo Scion Tc (i am finishing a FWD to RWD conversion all because of this car! ), i think regulations could create variety through introducing something like D1 Street Legal

Come on, a Formula Drift Street Legal is all that we want, right? this way the grassroots level can still play the game even without the gargantuan budgets of the bigger teams, at least in my humble point of view

10 months, 1 week ago on Is Drifting Racing?


Oh shite =(

10 months, 2 weeks ago on Saying Goodbye To Old Friends


J tune automotive S2000 brought out so many ideas for my own build that i am sticking with it

10 months, 2 weeks ago on The Cars Of May


Really inspirational, if i wasnt myself some 20.000 km from the art college center of pasadena, i would have completed my design degree there, most certainly!

I too want a set of watanabes with chunky tyres, but for the big 626 i would go with 15 or 16 to keep the chunky tires in an easy to find measure around here...

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Carve The Canyons, Stir The Soul: <br />The Perfect Miata


@speedhunters_dino @Roughsmoke Also team Mature, and the bunch of subaru drifters too! 

And you still owe me that off-road japanese story from 2012!

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Looks Like An E46, Drives Like An S15


In my humble opinion, the MADBUL is the dreamy drift car. Period.

If i could chose now, no budget limitations, to have _ANY_ car on this land, i would choose and RX7, and if it was really possible, one like Mad Mike`s

No matter the version,  even the Mk1 MADBUL was raddest than anything, and it`s crazy style is only surpassed by MMs piloting skills that made him victorious many times even with less power than other people in the grid. 

I truly think Mad Mike and his Madbul are an enbodyment of the "Jinba Ittai" philosophy on so many levels...

and i wasnt paid to say that, before anybody out there asks...

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Mad Mike x Miura: Virtual Becomes Reality


@SeanStott @mbretschneider Thanks for the enlightment

But why the performance cores are twice or thrice as thick, and why some applications are factory fitted with narrower thicker cores and still work properly where theres plenty of room for a thinnier wider core (like on some longitudinal VWs , for example).

Also, how much could i trade in? i could use some space around my actual radiator for supercharger piping...

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Keeping Cool: CSF Takes Your Questions


I would really love to work there!

10 months, 4 weeks ago on Let’s Cut Up Some Supercars:<br /> Inside Liberty Walk


I have a project car, wich runs mild cams and low boost (typical daily driver ready for trackday setup) for now i run a stock radiator wich is wide and thin. My question is, can i trade it for a narrower but thicker unit? Wich characteristic is better, having more surface or a thicker core?

10 months, 4 weeks ago on Keeping Cool: CSF Takes Your Questions


Loved the end result, and even more so because it sports visual mods that are perfectly doable on almost any street car!

11 months ago on Porsche Hunting In A Honda