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I disagree with you, just because the intention is not to leave these articles of plastic behind does not mean that they won't be.


I don't think very many people who post here are saying that nothing should ever be made out of plastic, but do you honestly see the necessity for this product? Does this product add such benefit to humanity that is is worth the risk?


We honestly need to start asking these questions because once you or I deem this particular item is no longer of any use to use where does it go? It doesn't really biodegrade and if it's not in direct sunlight it hardly degrades at all, at least not in our lifetime. Burning it comes with it's own set of issues as does recycling.


I'm glad you and your family hold on to the plastic you bring to beach, I commend you for it. I am sure you will be passing it all to your children when they leave home because otherwise the plastic toys they have now will end up in a landfill.


I think the majority of people are too relaxed about this issue, including yourself.


2 years, 11 months ago on This Summer... Go to the Beach but Leave Your Turtleback and Other Plastics at Home


This is the contents of the email I sent to the


From: Danger Lee Kayutak [] Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2012 8:25 PM To: Subject:


To Who it May Concern,


The construction, intended use and marketing of your Turtleback drink holder is at best thoughtless and irresponsible, at worst a malicious disregard for our environment and the animals and people who live in it.


Perhaps you think this language is harsh and judgmental? I would then ask you to take a walk through any park, on any beach or riverbank anywhere is this country but make sure to bring something to collect all the empty plastic soda bottles, candy bar wrappers, and potato chip bags that currently foul our green places and waterways. For every piece of plastic garbage you see bobbing in the ocean there are many more lurking just under the water, too many to accurately count. You have designed a product that, by it’s very nature, is likely to become another piece of plastic garbage. Garbage that will be floating in the ocean long after we are gone, long after our children are gone.


Perhaps you will also say that you have the right to free enterprise and that jobs are at stake. My point of view is that your right to free enterprise ends where our right to have clean, healthy and plastic free places to have fun and enjoy nature begins.


I am also saddened by the fact that you are banning people from voicing this message on your Facebook page, that seems to be the most telling indication of what kind of company you have created.


I will never buy your product and will encourage everyone I know not to buy your product.


Thank you for your time,


Danger Lee Kayutak


 And this was his response:


Thank you Danger. Did you have any constructive advice on how to improve our product?


Does anyone have any ideas for him?  I can't think what it could be made out of that is not either impractical or equally environmentally damaging.


2 years, 11 months ago on This Summer... Go to the Beach but Leave Your Turtleback and Other Plastics at Home