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@PaddyMcGrath @Robo_No1  No problem at all mate. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about Jonathan and Bryn, but I like all three of your coverage for different reasons (and you all seem to cover different ends of the spectrum - which I appreciate). It would be nice to know where you're off to next, but I get if you can't publicise that on the site. 

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Smile. It’s April.


Paddy, noooooo! Who's going to provide us with our fix of luscious B&W shots and also handle the IAMTS and photgraphy guides? I loved Paddy's work, his photography was top notch, but more than that it was good to have some closer to home coverage (UK & IRE) and also that famous Irish humour haha.

Seriously though, best of luck to Paddy and Suzie in whatever they move on to; both undoubtedly talented people :).

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Smile. It’s April.


So that explains the horrendous pricing of the new FQ-440. They're hoping they'll sell at extortionate prices to collectors who will wrap them up and hope they keep their value. 

Such a shame to see another Icon leaving the market, at least we might get the new Imprezza/WRX in the UK again.

3 weeks ago on Goodbye Evo, It’s Been Fun


Beautiful use of B&W in this workshop feature, it really suits the feel, top work Paddy. I love these features, keep them coming :)

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Where Warriors Come From


@muhammadilham  This. It's one sure fire way to make SH's video content equally as high quality as their photography.

3 weeks, 5 days ago on Stephen Brooks Does Ultimate Dubs


Sorry, it's a swing a a miss from Miura-San for me. Maybe its the pig ugly tC bodywork underneath it or maybe it's the lack of an awesome livery but for me it just doesn't look right... at all. 

Also, I have to agree with some others in here, and after defending TRA kyoto in some of my previous posts, it's a shame I'm finding myself saying this. But it does look a little copy, paste, insert swage line here, put in correct fuel cap cutout there. And in this case it just doesn't work for me, in fact I'm so shocked at it, that it almost looks... well... Lazy. Which is a shame, as reading Freddies words and from what else I've read I know that is definitely not the measure of Mr.Miura. 

Either way, I'll still be cheering you on this year! Best of luck in the new season :)

4 weeks, 1 day ago on Suits Racing. Aasbø and Rocket Bunny Mean Business!


Sorry to hear about your trouble Suzy. Every petrol head has to overcome them though from time to time, and like you said, unless you're going to jump in to a brand new car, anything of similar age will only have the same issues you've already fixed on your own car - The grass isn't always greener.

On the + side though, there are very few cars that can make a black on black R34 GTR look tame, and your Evo manages that in every picture, from every angle. I really do love the VI, easily the best Evo. 

1 month ago on Project Evo: Can Cars Be Cursed?