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Im my jeans's pocket i carry my nexus 7, so no problem to me... : )

2 years ago on Galaxy Note III Rumored To Have A 5.9" Screen, My Jeans Quiver In Fear


Goddamn copyright system, and those damn dumb americans with good-for-nothing laws...Here in East Europe nobody cares about stupid patents, if you try to sue somebody about a patend - dead street. So we've got no problems, no stupid laws. It's legal to use torrents and you pay your music, only if you want...  Learn from us, idiots !

2 years, 4 months ago on Cyanogenmod's Music Player, Apollo, Pulled From Google Play


Yes i want to buy the new nokia 920. I hate my HTC DesireHD, and Sensation. I'm selling thos, tho buy Lumias : )

2 years, 6 months ago on Nokia Teases Android Fans Hours Before Announcing New Devices