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Very nice article and congrats on Pageline 2.0! As a seasoned designer and developer, I'm very interested in hearing from your team, a response to the following question: If I decided on Wordpress as my LAMP/CMS-Blog Platform and Drag 'n' Drop's Pageline works only within WP's Framework than aren't you actually creating a "Framework within a Framework" with your Community Store acting and delivering the same and more importantly, competitive plugins/widgets for only your framework, while WP already has a Framework, thousands of free and for purchasing themes with 1000's of plugins that do the same. Unless I missed something, Pageline 2.0 does not work as a stand alone app and needs WP to function. As a customer deciding if to customize his theme and drop it into WP or license Pagelines 2.0 and additionally pay for plugins (that are free in the WP Community) to build out functionality? I ask this with all due respect in search of my next steps in my development decision process.

2 years, 10 months ago on PageLines Store Update – 4/18/12