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Just days after the NFL Commissioner released the outlines of this new policy, a San Francisco 49er was arrested for a domestic violence charge against his pregnant wife.

We will see how the NFL responds to this situation to determine if Goodell has indeed gotten it right.

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Comparing a stock (a university endowment) with a flow (a country's GDP) is pointless. It's comparing apples and orangutans. 

A better comparison if you're going to stick with these two things is this: the amount of annual growth in these universities endowments compared with a country's GDP.

Unfortunately for you, if you were to do that, you'd have a non-story.

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@TNR106646 That the many players from Latin American countries have African ancestry doesn't go to Marc Tracy's point.

Let me clear about my objection to your point: I very much welcome the influx of great baseball players from all Latin ethnic backgrounds, and I'm fully aware that it's not a new thing. It's been going on for decades now.

The excellent 2011 book by Harvard historian Henry Louis Gates, "Black in Latin America" (, makes it very clear that by the numbers, many, many more Africans were enslaved in Central and South America than in North America. (Gates puts the split at 95% in Latin America, 5% in Anglo/Franco-America.) 

So it's quite natural that such a huge imbalance would produce a greater influx of Latin people of African ancestry into baseball (as into many other fields of endeavor.)

But Marc's point goes directly to the African-American experience. To speak to that experience in the language of baseball, and to make that experience plain to all ethnicities of Americans, only Americans of African ancestry can undertake the effort.

Football and basketball do what they do to attract fans who then come to better understand their own American experience when they see African-Americans playing these games well and representing the American experience faithfully.

But baseball is a part of the American fabric in ways that football and basketball (and car racing and hockey and soccer) will never be. It must have a strong African-American presence (grown naturally, of course, not by fiat or quota.)

If Marc's piece didn't just focus on the World Series teams (St. Louis and Boston), but widened its gaze to include the teams that made the wild card tiebreakers and the post-season (Los Angeles, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Texas--the 11 best teams in baseball this season), there would've been less grist for the mill, as there are nearly two dozen African-American starters across that full slate of teams.

But his focus on just the World Series is apropos: It's when the most Americans are watching baseball.

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@pandodaily: how in god's name is this particular bit of spam able to get past even the most rudimentary of filters?

It shows up in hundreds of comment threads all over the web, and the text of the message is so very similar from post to post that surely by now you should be able to detect this and prevent it being posted?!

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 @FelixDrost Neither are economists Acemoglu and Robinson. At best they are social scientists, and as we all know, any discipline which interjects the word science into its name is unworthy of the description.

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Scott, is there any reason why these people need to fence the diamonds quickly (aside from preventing the possibility that one of them decides to turn on the others and either turn the whole gang into the police, or steal the whole cache for him/herself?)


Put another way, is there really a time value of diamonds?

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@bentsmith4 Don't introduce something you've written by using the third-person and pretending that you're merely recommending it.

Be forthright and tell us "here's something that I've written that I believe contradicts Andreesen's position."

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> "The Internet is still a leveling bitch on dysfunctional industries."


Was there any reason at all to use the word 'bitch' in this sentence? No. It added nothing to the meaning of the sentence. To my reading, it confused the meaning--it would've had more impact written as "The Internet is still a bitch, leveling dysfunctional industries."


To my point, if you're going to use words that normally don't pass the style guidelines at most journalistic organizations, you should have a very good reason for doing so. You've failed at doing this in this story.

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 @delia ruhe Mike Lofgren's recent book "The Party Is Over" ( is well worth reading as it powerfully extends the argument he made in the "Revolt of the Rich" column at The American Conservative.

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I'm not sure if this is a series, but if it is, then I feel it should be titled the best 'outside' colleges that everyone has heard of. Cal is a great school. The whole San Francisco Bay Area is great for outdoors stuff, especially if you give yourself license to roam all of northern California.


But there are many great schools that really live the 'outdoor' message, most of whom don't make these lists because people will complain that "I've never heard of that place."


Here's one, just a half-day's drive north of Cal: Humboldt State University. Right on the Pacific Coast, and right in the heart of redwood country.

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 @bbolder You clearly don't have access to the demographic data that advertisers do. There is no substantial difference in the gender makeup of the general television audience. It's simply separated by their interests. Advertisers who want to target men find that the viewership data shows that men (in general) watch sports. Those who want to target women find that we (in general) watch a broader range of things, with correspondingly less interest in live-action sports.

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 @Bike to Work Wasn't there a near-nude Lolo Jones on the Outside magazine cover just a few weeks ago?

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