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Couple things...

1) It's seriously time to get over the "No retaliation" crap you bring up every game.  The team is winning so you're theory of requiring an enforcer is nonsense.  Teams are gonna take runs at your best players whether you have an enforcer or not/whether you retaliate or not.  This team doesn't need to be goons to win.

2) It's absolutely amazing to me that the reason we will make the playoffs, in my opinion, will be because of the 4th line.  They are phenomenal at giving 200% effort, doing all the dirty work, and are gelling into a finely tuned line.

3) I get that we need St. Louis going, and hopefully that goal gets him started, but Nash tried way to hard on that play to get him the puck.  He was all alone with the goalie and made an awful pass just to get the puck to St. Louis.  Maybe now that he has the goal people can stop trying so hard to get him the puck, he can start scoring, and we'll go on a historic run.  *fingers crossed*

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