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I am still trying to work out the Math that makes The War Doctor 400 years younger than the 11th. How has 4 centuries past between the two? We know that the war doctor regenerates into the ninth doctor and he meets Rose shortly afterward because when he visits Rose's Apt. he looks in the mirror and it is clear that he is seeing himself for the first time, commenting on his ears being large and so on... Tennant takes over them Smith, the most significant amount of time that passes for him is the 200 years he ages between series 1 and 2 and another 100 years when Amy and Rory depart. Tennant does not have that long of a stretch, certainly not a century and the doctor comments that he is 1211, or there abouts. there is roughly 90 years unaccounted for... Am I right? Correct me if I am not...

12 months ago on Moffat on Why Hurt to Eccleston Regeneration Was So Short