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There are so many amazing coaches out there...and we are just looking at little minnows. I do Like the Del Rio hire have been preaching Defense for years and we just hire stupid offense minded idiots. I wouldn't mind us going after Cowher, I was a huge Dave Doeren fan when he was at Wisconsin and wanted UT to hire him as DC 3 years ago. Matt Campbell, Kyle Flood, Lembo, DeRuyter are all going to be awesome. If we want that OMG i can't believe we hired him away it would be Sumlin from A&M heck that's all he wants is money  at the very least make A&M pay him more he deserves it. I think Vic Fangio would be a great hire even Koetter from Atlanta would at least get us 10 wins. Honestly, i just don't understand why they can't pick a winner. 8 years i've been picking winners... i have a board at my house and i have been able to pick the top 10 coaches each year...if i can do it why the hell can't they figure it out!!! Here is another name out there Everett Withers...Oh and Larry Fedora...great coach...but he is the biggest ass...he is Petrino 2.0!!! scum of the a Southern Miss grad i don't hate him for leaving us when he knew he couldn't win the next year...but all the lies he told his players then all the bad mouthing. Bret Farve had your back man good luck animal!! At this point i agree...wait 3 weeks till the bowls and you'll probably get a good feeling who else is out there if they win and want more money. no point choosing another loser.  Of course if we had balls we would have called up Jim Leavitt and been in contention next year, but it takes a genius to find a genius and Hart and our DEPT can't even figure it out with the fastest computer on the planet.

2 years, 4 months ago on What Next, Tennessee?


F him...hope he goes to hell! What an asshole

2 years, 11 months ago on Browns QB Seneca Wallace is Prepared to Mentor Brandon Weeden