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Georgia Southern (GaSo) is not going to go to the FBS within the next decade. At best this is a pipe-dream. In reality, the administration at GaSo is just saying that they want to do this because Georgia State moved up to the FBS. The GaSo admin is under 21 questions from boosters about why they haven't done it and this is just the smoke screen. GaSo does not have the financial resources or the alumni support for the move. Maybe they never will. Kennesaw State Univ has already passed GaSo in student size so GaSo is at best the 5th largest college in Georgia. The GaSo history has been as an A&M school and a Teachers college so there is no wealthy alumni to mine. In short, this is never going to happen for GaSo. Just hicks and rednecks with a dream!

2 years, 11 months ago on Georgia Recruiting Is About To Get Tougher


You mentioned Georgia State and then refer to that trash in Statesboro Georgia as "GSU."

Only Georgia State is GSU! And we don't want that Georgia Southern trash in the SunBelt

2 years, 12 months ago on Texas State Gives Sun Belt 10, Who's Next to Move?