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Love the take James, I totally agree.

The Kings were unlikely to be big players in free agency this offseason so why not gamble on a player like Rudy Gay to see if he can find his pre-injury Memphis self. 

I also like what Ziller pointed out at SB Nation. Rudy was THE GUY in Toronto and surrounded by not must outside of DeRozan. Cousins, Thomas and McLemore should bring Gay's usage rate down. Hopefully his efficiency rate will increase as a by product of that.

The key is to be competitive but ultimately not win too many games this year. We don't want to see that first round pick go to Cleveland. PRIORITIES!!!!

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Trade analysis: Why the Rudy Gay trade makes sense for the Sacramento Kings


@leyvaflava But that decision to pick up his option has to be made by OCTOBER 31, before the season even starts. 

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Poll: Will the Sacramento Kings pick up the fourth year on Jimmer Fredette's contract?


I think it all comes down to training camp. The Kings are looking for a two year insurance policy on Ben McLemore. That will either be Thornton or Fredette. Both have impressive range from deep. Both are on the shorter end for the SG position (T-6'4" and F-6'2"). Both are defensive sieves. Thornton has the more proven track-record but this is a team building towards the future, not competing for a playoff spot in the present. To borrow a baseball term, the WAR (Wins Above Replacement) for Thornton might be a game or two higher than Jimmer but on a larger contract that might be mitigated slightly. 

Also, injuries happen. A contending or fringe-playoff team that loses an offensive weapon to injury, might come into the market for a scorer. While Jimmer's contract would be easier to move, the market might soften to Thornton's contract if the need is there. 

In the end, one of these two will likely get moved before the season or at the trade deadline. Whoever has the better training camp has a better shot of sticking around. If I remember correctly from last year, coaches and players a like raved about Jimmer's performance in training camp. If he comes back with that same drive, he might just beat out Marcus Thornton.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Poll: Will the Sacramento Kings pick up the fourth year on Jimmer Fredette's contract?


I really hope that SVP ends up at NBCSN. He would bring instant credibility to the network. That being said, I would want him to keep his radio show. SVP (along w/ DP) is the best national radio show. Perhaps he could hop on with the Fox Sports Radio package after Rome. That would mean a line up of DP, Rome & SVP. That's pretty heavy. 

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