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Any info anyone can provide about how close this is to the Buckeye Restaurant is appreciated. Also, any news from the Georgetown Community meeting would be appreciated.  Loved ones are off the grid two to three miles off Wentworth springs. 

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I must agree with "onceproudameican".  As a senior  IT specialist in CA the government, the structure of security is poorly thought out with politics as the focus, not security.  If CA is any indicator of how security is managed in other government agencies the chance of the "bad guys" taking over is very real.  Currently, the chief of security works for the chief of information.  So let's carry this forward in a mock conversation..Chief of security to Chief of Information,  "There is, what I believe to be, a valid security threat to our network from a terrorist group."  IT Chief response, "Ok, after we finish the data center consolidation I will spend some time on security.  Schedule a meeting with me next month." 

The Chief of IT can override every security recommendation.  We call this the Fox  guarding the Hen house from "inside"!       

2 years, 11 months ago on Time to Take Down TSA – For Real