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Knowing how little we do about Chuck Pagano's character as a HC, what is the likelihood that he will just hand the keys of the offense over to Bruce Arians and say, "Do what you do, I'll handle the defense" ? Is it likely he'll stick to his specialty and let the offense run itself?

2 years, 11 months ago on I Was Wrong | April


Felt the need to come back here and talk about this in the wake of the draft. Nate, I believe there were SIX picks on offense, with the first 4 in the draft all being used on Luck, the 2 top-rated TE's in the draft, and a run-between-the-spaces RB who will help on between-the-hashmarks offense. I love reading your stuff Nate, but when you posted this article, I want you to be honest, you had NO idea what the Colts draft thinking was. Because everything you said here is invalidated in the wake of the draft. Sure, they made some free agency defensive acquisitions, but really, all they're doing is following the decade-long successful draft foundation laid by BP. Doesn't sound like the Ravens to me... and I honestly believe they'll continue to be more successful than the Ravens for the simple reason that they know the way the winds are blowing in the NFL. Just felt the need to come on here and say that.

2 years, 11 months ago on Truth Telling and The Eternal Optimist | April