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OK... I'm not trying to be the voice of dissent here, but after what is referred to around here as "The Great Pea Soup Disaster of 2003" I've been a tad bit afraid of pressure cookers. Now, I was using an old model - one inherited from my grandmother... and nothing really terrible happened - the lead plug did blow - so as long as you don't count coating the entire kitchen (floor, ceiling, walls, windows, and every knob, switch, handle and light fixture) with a fine spray of pea soup "terrible"...

Anyhow, word to the wise - if you're using a pressure cooker, and the thing suddenly stops making its little hissing noise, it means that SOMETHING IS WRONG, and you should go remove it from the heat instead of just sitting there like an idiot in the other room futzing on the computer thinking to yourself "oh, that's nice - it's not so noisy anymore."

Just sayin'...

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Pressure Cooker Beans – Almost As Convenient as Canned but Without the BPA