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just two words. Three more.

2 years, 10 months ago on Heat vs. Thunder: Game 1 Pregame Primer


As a kid from Nashville, TN who became a fan of a NBA team when a distant team from the Pacific Northwest drafted a freshman who was reigning POY and a player I fell in love with and decided to follow him to the NBA. 


To think that as a kid who became a fan of a team 2 time zones away who struggled to see them play at all due to TV not showing them that the team has gone from 3-29, 43 wins in two seasons, multiple top 5 picks to a strong 8 seed, final four team, and now the finals. Wow. 


Now as a 20 year old I can brag to my friends that MY team is the best in the league and the core four are still barely old enough to buy alcohol. Now I get to look my Laker fan friends in the face and tell them, I TOLD YOU James Harden could slow down Kobe. Tell the doubters around me that the young kids I told them to watch out for are now ready to go. 


To OKC fans, we have something special we can call our own. Here's to hoping in the coming weeks we add the most special of things, and hang a banner in the peake!


Like the guys have said, we never wait for our time, we take it. OKC Fans the next 4-7 games are OUR TIME!



2 years, 10 months ago on A moment in the making: OKC wins in six over the Spurs, 107-99


really really wanted Denver. I think OKC wins in 5 or 6 but Dallas scares me because they know how to win. I know they lost pieces but they still are winners.

3 years ago on Thunder-Mavs first round schedule