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Great journalism from Pando once again!  My only concern is that this post equates the balance sheet impact of corporate subsidies with pension obligations.  Subsidies are generally in the form of tax breaks or loopholes - there is no cash payout or obligation to a company.  In contrast, pension obligations are a direct cash pay out.  The difference on cash flow is monumental: money is flowing out of the bank.  Therefore, equating pension obligations with corporate subsidies is disingenuous. 

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Bill Me Later

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and on and on.

All big players.  You can build a big payments company by finding a niche in payments - whether it's explicitly through your product (Klarna, Bill Me Later, etc) or your targeted demographic (Stripe and developers, Yapstone and the rental industry, etc). 

That all aside, very thoughtful piece.  Pando, you guys are winning.  Keep it up!




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Best tech journalism I've read in ages. Thank you for being actual journalists, the tech community needs more of this.

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Well-written.  You forgot to mention LivingSocial, though, which started as a Facebook app development company.  They got their first 5 million or so users through creative spamming (/ viral mechanics) in the newsfeed back when it was still possible.  So tense was the relationship between Facebook and LivingSocial that the founders kept getting their personal accounts deleted by FB. I know one of them went through 3 or 4 accounts.

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I love this:

"This is why it’s not easy being Mayor of a town like this. You preside between a warring brew of libertarians who have no regard for laws and progressives who want to dictate whether your Happy Meal comes with a toy; mashed up with a vocal contingent who wants to “Keep San Francisco weird” alongside newly minted hacker millionaires who want to change their reality in every conceivable way. All of these intense parties are in constant collision in a small geographically bound patch of land."

Great piece that truly illustrates how SF's eclectic-ness is both it's charm and it's undoing.  Basically SF has an undiagnosed identity crisis that needs to get figured out if it's going to move forward as a livable, sustainable city.

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@vFunct I agreed with everything until you said this:

"one can completely ignore tabloid journalism like The Atlantic. Their articles do not matter, and their value to advertisers are lower because of their low-value articles."

The Atlantic is not only one of the most storied media outlets in American history (founded by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, among others), it is also the home of some of journalism's current luminaries and rising stars.  The turnaround from fading historic brand to *profitable* must-read for the East Coast intelligentsia is practically a business school case study.  David Bradley (the owner, and I will reveal my bias, he is also a friend) has saved what was likely a doomed American publishing icon.  The Atlantic is very much NOT a tabloid.

See here for more info:

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