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2 years, 10 months ago on Kicking the Plastic Addiction Video Promo


Just to update people who would like to attend the Bag it showing at SJSU this coming Tuesday, we now have a facebook page for the event, which is at  If you are coming, please join the event by hitting the button in the top right.  There should also be an option on the top right to "invite friends" on facebook, so if you are willing to do that to help spread the word please do, even if you yourself cannot make it to the event but would like to support us!  The more the merrier, and we could definitely use help letting people know about the event.

Finally, I would really like to apologize, especially to Beth Terry, because I just read back through this post and caught that the time was listed as 6pm.  We will definitely be there by 6pm setting up and answering questions, so you are welcome to get there at the time, but the event has actually been advertised on all our fliers as 6:30pm, so we won't start the film till then.  But again, feel free to show up anytime between 6-6:30pm.  Thank you and sorry for not catching that earlier!! 

LAST thing, I promise.  The room is 225/229 and if anyone is lost or confused trying to get the event you can call my cell at 650-388-8264 to find us.  Thank you so much everyone for your support, hope to see many of you there!!

2 years, 10 months ago on "Bag It" -- It's About WAY More Than Plastic Bags