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Nickleback is the official band of the NHL playoffs. I'm sure they were hired for an. appearance. 

2 years, 11 months ago on This is the man that ended the Penguins season. At a Nickleback concert. | April 2012


Reading this made me laugh. "Biggest play of the series." Danny Briere's offsides non-call. Really? At the end of the first, the Penguins got their 3rd goal on a waved off icing call. The Penguins got an apology from the league for the non offsides call. The Flyers organization did not receive an apology for that blown call. Biggest play of the series in game one was at the end of the Second period. Adams goes in to finish off Schenn at the buzzer and Schenn crushes him to the ice. Instead of leaving, Schenn skates back over to Adams, probably mentions that he took his manhood, causing Adams to offer Schenn to some fisticuffs. Momentum swing. Bottom line, the Flyers weren't intimidated by a fictional beast of a Penguins team. Instead, they exposed the Penguins for what they really are. Soft. Whiny. Dirty. Favored. And Eliminated.

2 years, 11 months ago on RECAP: GAME SIX: Death and all his friends. 2011-2012 PENS LOSE. | April 2012