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I completely agree with the view held by Philidelphia.  We have the same issues here in the UK public sector where the procurement process is so documented and rigid, it leaves little scope for innovation.  The EU rules have recently been revised to 'promote' innovation in the tender responses, although how this is done is not clarified, which means it won't be done.

We saw this issue a few years ago and hence we developed our Innovation Dojo tool to give organisations a facility to go out to market and request ideas to do things better.  Forget RFP, you could call it RFId - Request for Ideas.   The best ideas can be assessed so the best ideas float to the top of the list to be implemented.  

We hope this will solve the exact problem that Philidelphia have highlighted.

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Like Coupa, our company Market Dojo, which offers a SaaS e-Sourcing solution, is also 100% cloud-based, and it has helped us enormously.  Our accountancy platform is SaaS, so is our CRM.   We use Google Apps, including Google Docs for online collaboration.  We look forward to Google Drive as well.  We use Skype as our landline, which is a local phone number.  In fact, our entire business can be run from a smart phone or laptop.  Anyone's laptop that is.  Now that is true cloud.

2 years, 11 months ago on On The Verge: 100% Cloud-fueled Ventures